Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Quirky Things . . . . .

Since day one on my blog, I've had a list of "5 Quirky things about me". Just a little something to give folks who visit a feel for who I am. I've gotten several questions about my list so I figured for my 99th post, I would expand on each one a little.

1. Been to Oprah and Price is Right Shows.

I saw the Oprah show about 15 years ago, as a matter of fact, I was able to see two shows filmed. I saw Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks promoting something, I forget what, and I saw Billy Graham. The process of filming a show was interesting but the thing I remember most is after the shows were filmed, Oprah kicked off her shoes and fielded every question that the audience had. She could not have been more gracious or generous with her time.

I went to the Price is Right show a couple of years ago, just a couple of months before Bob Barker retired. It's a long day, trying to get in and on that show. You write ahead for tickets, but having a ticket doesn't guarantee you get into the show, just the right to TRY to get into the show. They must pass out at least 400 tickets, but only 275 get into the show. I guess they want to make sure the audience is full so they pass out more tickets than seats. So you have to get to the studio really early and wait in line to get an assigned seat. I got to the studio around 5 am and was in the middle of the line. Three hours later I found out I was one of the last to get into the show. Then groups of 25 are interviewed to determine who gets to "come on down". You have a nanosecond to make an impression, evidently I wasn't very impressive!

When I was preparing to go to the show, I noticed that most of the people who were selected to play the games wore hand made shirts with different sayings so I decided to improve my odds by making this shirt. Simon was our dog at the time. Once I got to the show I realized the reason so many people selected for the show wore specials shirts was because everyone had on special shirts. If you were in street clothes you were more special. I didn't get selected to play any games but after experiencing the whole process of seat assignments, I was thrilled just to get to see the show filmed. There were so many people who had traveled a long way to see the show that never made it past the front gate. And I know you hear this a lot about shows, but it DOES look so much bigger on TV! Bob Barker was great and it was a really fun experience.

2. I drink coffee every morning from a Christmas mug.

My Papaw gave me these Christmas mugs at least 15 years ago, they are by Debbi Mumm. Every year I would get them out and use them from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. About four year ago, when I was thinking about how sad I was to be packing them up it dawned on me that I could drink out of them everyday, there are no decoration police. So I do, I love Christmas, drinking my morning coffee out of these mugs is like a little bit of Christmas everyday of the year.

3. David Letterman's mom baked me a pie.

When we lived in Indiana, my husband and I went to a fund raiser where all sorts of sports memorabilia was being auctioned off to support a charter school for inner city children. There were all kinds of signed jerseys, balls, and posters. And among all the really great sports stuff was a certificate for a homemade pie by David Letterman's Mom. My husband was really wanting a basketball signed by someone, but pie is my favorite food and I've always thought Dave's Mom was a real character anytime she was on his show, so my husband said "go for the pie"and we won.

I didn't get to personally meet her but I did get to pick the kind of pie I wanted. Dave's Mom said that apple was her best so that's what we went with. We also got to pick the day we wanted the pie. In addition to the pie she gave us the blue pie plate shown above and her cookbook, signed. She also included a note telling me that thin pie pans made the best crust. Say what you want about David Letterman but his Mom is a real Indiana treasure, a very good natured and benevolent lady.

4. I've only lived in Illinois, Indiana and more "I" state to go!

5. Proof positive, I was a majorette in high school.

I was a whizz with a baton....look at those boots!!

So that's pretty much the skinny on my Quirky list!

I've also gotten a few questions about the holder I use for my quilt pictures. Here it is!

It's really a frame for holding photography backdrops. Not only does it hold my quilts, inside or out, for pictures, I can also hang fleece from it and use it as a design wall.

It came with 8 of these clips.

And it all fits in this handy travel bag. I ordered it from the EOS Lighting Company.

So tomorrow's my 100 post where I'll blog about my most favorite quilt and have a giveaway, hope you can come back!


  1. Interesting tidbits of information. I love that you drink your coffee out of a Christmas mug every day. It's my favorite quirk. LOL

  2. Those are interesting little tidbit. That frame is a great idea too.

  3. I wasn't a majorette, but I did twirl the baton! I was in a parade and a couple of school talent shows. I kept it up for a number of years. Surprising giving my lack of coordination. I think you need to move to "I"daho, then we could be neighbors!

  4. Idaho ... i've been sitting here concentrating on what other "i" states there are ... and then i had to go back to reread the rest - i USED to be able to multi-task ... i LOVE your boots - i had a pair of gogo boots but they didn't have tassels ... and my parents made me wear them LOOOOONG after they were out of style cuz they were leather and too expensive - ha ha ha!

    i love your quirks, Thelma - i think you might be a national treasure or sumpin'

  5. Great stories! What a very clever idea with the photography backdrop.

  6. Very nice stories..... only one more day to learn what your #1 Favorite quilt is!! I feel like I should know, but I don't; I'll be sure to tune in tomorrow!

  7. Thelma, you are a perfectly charming, and very interesting lady! Thanks for sharing your quirkiness. We should all be so blessed to have great stories to share.

  8. Awww mama! I love your picture!

  9. I like your Simon Says shirt. Do you still have your baton?

  10. Oh, I'd love to sit in on the Oprah show! A friend was in California a few months ago and had tickets for The Price is Right. He's quite a character and was chosen to play and made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown, where sadly he overbid.

  11. Christine Thomas, NapaFebruary 3, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    I'll be back (Ah-nold sez).
    Those aren't quirks...just interesting bits of info. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thelma, so glad you finally shared details on your "quirky" list. Very interesting stories. I like the picture of you with your cool boots!!!! I was a majorette as well, but not past third grade ;-) Maybe one day I'll share my picture...though I don't think I was wearing cool boots like you! Love your Christmas coffee mugs....kind of a rule breaker there, wouldn't you say ;-) Looking forward to tomorrow's big post!!

  13. Love the photography set up to hold your quilt and a design wall! Can you tell me what size you got?? Doesn't look very wide but I am guessing it is adjustable that way, is it also adjustable heighth wise?? So it is strong enough for a quilt and fleece with blocks stuck to it?? I'm seriously considering one of these.


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