Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Are You Ready For Some Football . . . .. . ."

Finally, the big day has arrived .....

We've committed the program guide to memory . . . . .

We've got the house decorated . . . . . .

We all have our gear on . . . . .

Coke in our Colts cups and popcorn in our Colts bowl . . . . . . .

Peyton's warming up in the family room . . . . . . but I guess it just wasn't our day to win!

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!! You played a great game!!

We also have a winner right here on "Cs n Ds"
(my grades in school, no, my bra size uhm no, Cupcakes n clever is that! No I didn't think that up, but I like it!)

First I would like to say, WOW to almost 150 comments for my 100th post. I thought it would be neat if I got 100 comments for my 100th post, but I really didn't think it would happen. I don't know how all you folks found me but THANKS for stopping by. I am humbled you take the time to read my blog, there are so many wonderful and clever blogs out there. I'll be responding to your comments and checking out all your blogs as soon as I can.

With regards to our quirks...we may be the next segment on Oprah, "Quirky Quilters"....Dr OZ we need help! If you've not read all the comments go back and do so, we may be quirky but we're also clever, you'll laugh out loud, I guarantee it!

I don't know about you, but I feel so much better about myself after reading all your comments.

We're definitely quirky about our tea and coffee, special cup, no styrofoam cups, cream in first, no coffee pot...but "Sew Much More" beat them all with her, "I like to drink hot water".

We also like to count and list, I'm right with there with you on those. And Mary, yes, I think it should be a law, food should stay in its own place on a plate, no touching. Mary, how many times have you heard, "well it all ends up in the same place"......non believers.....

To "Can't Believe I'm Sewing", who touches raw meat? Not me and evidently, not you! That's what plastic wrap is for. And chicken with bones, not in this house! And Jo Ann, if someone is in my parking place at Walmart, what's a girl to do...wait, that's what you do, yes, thank you! And Patty, my feet are never bare either....sandals, rarely, it's so hard to get your feet in sandals with socks on.

Several other quirks were listed that I didn't even realize were quirks, separating and eating m&m's by color, of course, I think that's in the fine print on the bag, and yes, blues first, always. Weighing yourself with one arm on the towel rack, that's the only way to get scales to work!

Now if you ask my family, they think I have enough quirks, but thanks to you, I'm picking up a few new ones...especially the Almond Joy/Mounds one. Thank You Cheryl. In the past I too have had a hard time deciding which one, nut or no nut, milk chocolate or dark...thanks for solving that one, get both! Yes I will now get both!! And Pokey, I didn't know you should always pass the salt WITH the pepper...I''ll get it right from this point forward, Thanks!!

If there was a prize for best quirk, I don't know how I would pick one, but here are a few of the top contenders:
Maureen shouts out words in the middle of the night, scaring her husband but not waking herself.
Kimberly rinses off her ice.....hmmm, really!
Lori must make her bed, even if it's right before she gets back in it.
Linda ate her first strawberry at 50!! What took you so long!
Jane can't sleep until her closet doors are closed, Monsters Inc must have really scared you.
Karen can't leave the house until she's shaved her underarms and legs and made her bed. There's one I think my husband would wish I would start!
And Dee, she has perfect toes!

There are many more, too many to mention, luckily they're all safe and saved on my blog for eternity. Or until Blogger deletes them.

OK, now, without further delay......

Random Number Generator selected #5. Dianne of Suburban Stitcher is the winner of my 100th post giveway. Dianne left the following comment, "I have to read books in order. Meaning, that if it's a series, I HAVE to read them in order. Or if it's just books all by the same author, I have to read them in order of published date. Strange, but true :) "

Congratulations Dianne!

Dianne has selected a Gift Certificate from Cotton Charm Quilts.

Thanks again for stopping by, your comments mean so much to me. And for you folks that don't normally comment, that's OK too, I know you're out there reading my blog.

No post tomorrow, but I'll be back on Tuesday, hope to see you then!


  1. Congratulations to Diane! WooHoo - she's going to have some serious shopping fun. LOL

    Lots of wonderful quirks - some strange, some funny, some left me scratching my head, some cute and some.....

    Awesome giveaway, Thelma.

  2. Thank you so much Thelma! Still shaking my head in disbelief :)

  3. well ... if it couldn't be ME at least it was another Dianne who knows how to spell her name - ha ha ha!

  4. Congrat's Dianne! Now when I read all the other
    'quirks' I realize that I have many of those as well just never thought they were quirky LOL!

  5. Such a GENEROUS giveaway! Big congrats to Dianne! Hope you have a blast at your Superbowl party. I'll be watching (but just for the fun commercials & to hang with my guys LOL)!

  6. WAY TO GO DIANNE !!! Congratulations on winning this wonderful giveaway. Enjoy your great prize. And Thelma, thanks for such a generous and fun giveaway. I too have read every single post and laughed out loud so many times. Some because I have the same quirk, no closet open when I sleep, rinsing off my ice AND I too drink hot water...have since I was a teenager and always had a tender tummy. I just didn't think of them as quirks till I read them, LOL. Thank you for such a fun, fun post and a really good read. Last but not least...GOOOOOO COLTS !!!!!

  7. Thelma, congratulations to Dianne!!!!! and congratulations to you as 150 comments! Way to go. I'll have to go back and read the quirky comments left after mine. I enjoyed all the ones I've read so far. Enjoy the big game today. For this game, we will not be cheering for the same team. Have to go with the Saints for this one. As I probably mentioned before, being from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, the Saints are our home team. Here's hoping for a great game. As one of Peyton's former high school teammates (from New Orleans) said, I'm hoping for the Saints to win and Peyton to win MVP of the Super Bowl. See you Tuesday.

  8. Congratulations Dianne !! . . . thank you Thelma . . . this was so much fun reading everyone's "quirks" . . . just shows how we're all different . . . but also the same . . .

    and I am cheering for the Colts today . . . our New England Patriots need to work hard to make it next year . . . but for today . . . I hope Peyton does really well !!

  9. Congratulations Dianne! I too have that quirk- it's normal I tell you!!! Thanks Thelma for a wonderful idea, I loved reading everyone's quirks!

  10. Congratulations to Dianne! Thelma I hope you enjoy the game!

  11. Congratulations to lucky Dianne!
    You really got me thinking about my quilty quirks and wrote a blog post on the topic...thanks for the fun!

  12. Congratulations, Dianne! Enjoy your shopping spree. Great post, Thelma -- I had to come back several times to read all the quirky revelations. Hilarious!

    PS... my condolences on the game. Phooey.

  13. Congrats Dianne!! Great prize, Thelma!


  14. Thelma, I love that your dog is decked out for the Superbowl. How cute is that?

    Congratulations to Dianne for winning your 100th post prize. What a feat. Here's to the next 100!

  15. Hi Thelma,
    Congratulations to Dianne on winning! You are a very lucky lady.
    It was fun just to participate and remember silly things about ourselves that we can laugh about.
    I received the Under the Stars pattern yesterday. Now I'm wondering how to do the applique. I've never done freezer paper method, only fusible and blanket stitch on my Janome. What did you use? It was so beautiful. I was lucky enough to see it at Rockhome and took pictures, but I did not think to look at the applique work. Would appreciate any hints. I'm not terribly experienced. Remember I'm the one whose quirky thing was going to a quilt show to buy quilts!

  16. I la,la,love that red/white quilt on the back of the sofa in the popcorn pic for the football game ;)

    Would love to see a photo of all of that quilt!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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