Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eventide Sew-Along . . .

Good news, several folks are interested in a Eventide sew along!! Although I'm not surprised, this is one great pattern.

As to the "rules" . . . let's just keep it simple:
- Start by the end of February (I think I'll be ready to start next week)
- Blog about your progress every Tuesday (have you ever noticed how Tuesday is a sloooow blog day?)
- Let's shoot for having the top pieced by the end of March (of this year). If a project stretches out much past a month, I lose interest.

If you don't have a blog send me an email ( and pictures and I'll blog about it for you.

I'll create a Sew Along list with a link to all the participating blogs on the left hand column of my blog.

First one done gets a prize, anyone who finishes by the end of March gets a mug rug.

I've been looking at this bundle of fabric setting on my shelf for months,

it's Park Avenue by 3 Sisters for Moda. This is going to be my Eventide fabric. This is a Christmas line, but I plan to omit the holly fabric, then it will be just a stack of pretty florals and prints.

Just in case you were waffling on joining us, here's an up close and personal picture of this amazing quilt.

On the back of the pattern Carrie says, "this quilt will work with any color scheme and style of fabric. Just pick a primary color, an accent color and the complementary colors."

I think the most fun of the sew along will be seeing the different fabric choices.

The fabric requirements for this project are 3 1/2 yards of assorted background fabric, 6 fat quarters assorted light and medium prints, 8 fat quarters primary color prints, 3 fat quarters dark prints, 11 fat quarters medium to dark prints and 3 fat quarters for inner border.

You still have time to leave a comment on yesterday's blog post to win the pattern, I'll announce the winner on Thursday.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's quilt! It will be a lot of fun to watch them going together.

  2. OH do tempt me to start yet another project :)

  3. Oh...this is too much of a temptation. I'm going to join in...just need to order the pattern!

  4. I am going to join in too ! I have been wanting to make this quilt , this will be fun to see what fabric everyone uses. Thelma that Park Avenue fabric is going to be just gorgeous ! I have the pattern and just ordered the Luna Notte fat quarter bundle. I will start mine as soon as my fabric arrives

  5. Oh dear, I am so tempted to join in. How ever else will I get it done? I love sew alongs!

  6. I ordered Luna Notte too~ also Rural Jardin! You are driving sales at this point!
    Maybe you'll even get me to blog... but I doubt it.
    I love the 3 Sisters collection " Oasis"~ I love yellow! Do you have any thoughts about the "perfect pattern "for that line? I'd like to emphasize the lovely yellow... which I've found to be rather rare in "traditional" quilting cottons.

  7. oh my gosh I love this quilt
    I may just have to join you....
    oh its beautiful.

  8. Oh man, I am so tempted. I love this pattern, and I have a FQ Bundle just dying to be used for it, but I am trying so hard not to start new projects. I've been hemming and hawing for days now and the very fact that I keep coming back to look should be a sign. Grrrrr!


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