Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eventide Sew-Along and Winner . . .

First, to all the folks who have so much snow that they have to actually shovel their roofs, I am so sorry I complained about my measly 22 inches!! I don't even shovel my drive, is there a service for that type of thing.....I can't imagine getting up on a slick roof to shovel snow. No more complaining about snow from me, no the temperature, that's another matter, today it's 0!

I'm so excited, it appears as if we have around 25 quilters up for an Eventide sew along! At first I was amazed by the number of folks who said they would participate, but then it is an amazing pattern. And for a Carrie Nelson pattern, pretty low on the pieces scale, only around 1,115.

So here's the list of folks who I think are in the sew along:
Nicole - Sisters Choice Quilts
Sherri - A Quilting Life
Cindy B
Sue - Cozy Little Quilts
Mary Lou - Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting
Linda - The Quilted Pineapple
Gretchen - Stella Bella Quilts
The NCQ - The North Carolina Quilter
Brenda - Quilting Along Life's Way
Laura Dublin
Dresden Quilter
Becky - The Quilting Book Lady
Paula Frances - Love Zao
Kathy - Troublesome Creek Quilts
Lisa - Stashmaster
Sinta - Pink Pincushion

If you want to join us, and I missed you, just leave a comment or send me an email, If you're on the list in error, I'm sorry, leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll remove you from the list.

Anita, Mary, A, and Cheryl. You left comments saying you wanted to sew along but I don't have a way of contacting you, please send me your email address. I'm happy to do the blogging for you.

I have a few more folks still thinking it over, quit thinking, come on and join us, and send me an email or leave a comment so I can add you to the list.

Here are the rules, start when you want, finish when you can and if you finish by the end of March, 2011, you get a mug rug, made by me! We'll also have other drawings as we go. Oh, and a prize for the first person done, piecing the top. Shelley started this project with Carrie in Wisconsin, so she has a head start....just throwing that out there for you competitive types!!

I plan to blog about the Eventide Sew Along every Tuesday. Feel free to blog about your progress when it suits you. If you have a blog, I'll link to it. I just love the parades that Sherri and Sinta have for their monthly sew along, so let's do the same, have an Eventide Parade the last day of March.

That's it! What could be more fun!

Added later - If you are looking for an Eventide pattern, the Fat Quarter Shop will have them online in the next 24 hours or so. Also, Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop has donated a gift certificate for our sew along! Thanks Kimberly, that's very exciting news! The fun just keeps happening and I've yet to even unwrap my fat quarter bundle!

And the winner of the Eventide pattern is

Congratulations Jayne, and thanks to all who stopped by and left a comment.

I'm working on this project right now,

Virginia's Star Quilt by Lori Smith of From my heart to your hands.

I just need to finish the stars, sew them together, and add the border.

Depending on how Virginia's Star progresses, I'm hoping to start Eventide the end of next week.

Someone asked about my progress on my needle turn applique project, I'm loving it and am still working on my first block. I would show you my progress, but I get the idea that appliquers blog about their applique when they finish a block, and I'm new to the club and don't want to break any rules, so hang in there, there will be a applique block to share soon.
(If it were up to me, I would show you a picture every time I added a piece, wouldn't you just hate that!!)


  1. I see a "Chris" listed as wanting to sew along but if that's me, I am not going to be able to join. I am having shoulder surgery on March 4th so I'll be out of commission for a bit. I'll drive myself crazy with no sewing but I'll live vicariously through all of you.

  2. I love Eventide, I just can't imagine getting it done right now. But I will be following your progress.

    I love this star quilt, and the fabrics you showed. I can't wait to see this completed!

  3. have fun with the sew along, i have too many things on the go to start that too!! self control here. plus I am off for some R & R next week. cheers!

  4. Thank you, Thelma! I am super-excited to have been the lucky winner of the Eventide pattern!!


    PS: I love-love-love that red star!! Exciting!!!

  5. I have decided to join the sew along. I love Carrie's patterns, stars and sew alongs!

  6. I want to sew along. I don't have a blog, and I'm waiting for the pattern. I do have most of my fabric though so I'm pretty good to go.

  7. Thelma,
    I most definitely plan to participate in the sew along. I'm having trouble with my outgoing e-mail so I'm not sure if you received my reply. I purchased the pattern yesterday! I'm beginning to think of colors. Thanks so much for organizing this!

  8. Thanks for adding the note about the pattern...I just went to buy it from FQS, and they didn't have I'll keep checking!

  9. Thelma, I am a new, less than one year old quilter. I love Carrie Nelson's quilts and have several of her books and patterns, but I just can't seem to dive into any of them. After I read the instructions, I get overwhelmed with just the cutting out!

    Would you consider sharing how you approach this pattern? Any tips on how you selected what fabric collection to the cutting and labeling the pieces would be such a help to me. You may not want to go in this direction and if you don't, I certainly respect that.

    I have Eventide ordered and am seriously considering to commit to this sew along.

    I have learned so much from you this past year...many thanks!

  10. I just read about this project. I know I am late, but count me in. I can't wait to get the pattern and get started. I love any pattern that has stars.


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