Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Tuesday . . .

and Eventide Progress Day! So for the next 7 weeks, Tuesday on my blog will be all about the Eventide Sew Along.

Welcome quilters who are participating in the sew along, and welcome folks who are going to be cheering the participants on from the sidelines. I hope it makes for fun and interesting blogging for all of us.

First - The Fat Quarter Shop has a new shipment of Eventide patterns, if you've been searching for a pattern, your search is over! The pattern is online and available. Thanks Kimberly!

Eventide is by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Company and finishes at 84" X 87".

I've gotten a few notes that some folks are a little intimidated by this pattern and not sure how to start. I've had my issues with some patterns, patterns that are poorly written or just plain wrong, those are patterns that should scare you. In its simplest form, Eventide is just a nice size quilt comprised of 72 nine inch finished blocks, an inner border of quarter square triangles, and an outer border of scrappy strips. A very basic pattern. It's the fabric that does all the work, well and Carrie did a little work, coming up with the clever idea of how to place that fabric.

If you're still overwhelmed, it gets even simpler, of the main 9 inch blocks, 42 are Ohio Star blocks and 30 are quarter square triangle blocks. And if that still sounds overwhelming, break it down some more, and keep breaking down each step until you get to a level that feels comfortable to you. Maybe even cut and piece one Ohio Star block, just to get a feel for your fabric choice and the piecing.

Now for the cutting, some folks start a project by cutting all the fabric at once, as Nicole blogged about yesterday. She even sorted her fabric and put the different pieces in marked bags! Very Clever Nicole!! It's not very often that I even look at the cutting requirements for a pattern. I'm a cut as I go type of girl. Especially when I'm not sure of my fabric choices. There's nothing worse than cutting out an entire project only to start and realize you don't like your fabric or the pattern. I have some lovely poppy fabric that is all cut out for a pattern I changed my mind on, Im still looking for the perfect pattern that will somehow use the pieces that I've cut.

So don't be scared, just get started! And if you make a mistake, we won't know unless you tell us!!

I've got some exciting news, Kimberly from the the Fat Quarter Shop is donating a $50 gift certificate to our sew along.

We'll have a drawing from the finished quilts to determine the winner.
Thanks again Kimberly.

I'm still sorting out our participant list, drop me a note or leave a comment if there is an error. I'm not intentionally leaving anyone off, don't be shy about telling me I've made a mistake! AND it's not too late to join us!

I should have the participant list nailed down this week and will create a list for a column on my blog.

In the meantime, Nicole and Paula have blogged about the sew along, and Sherri has a giveaway going on at her blog today.

Eventide Sew Along List
A very impressive group and great mix of bloggers and non bloggers, I'll do the blogging for the folks without blogs.

Next week I hope to be able to share the fabric choices of all the participants.

Now for the fun part of this sew along, the giveaways, I drew a name from the participants and
Leona, you've won this!

A charm pack of Pom Pom de Paris by French General.

If you would also like to win a Pom Pom Charm pack, leave a comment about how you attack a new project or how you cut out a new project, are you a cut it all out at once quilter or a cut as you go quilter? You have until midnight CST, tomorrow night, February 16th to be eligible.

Thanks for stopping by, I've finished my first block for my needle turn applique project, look for that post later this week!


  1. This looks like so much fun. Too bad it's terrible timing for me. Maybe next time.

  2. I think I have my fabric picked. It's an older line by 3 Sisters called Gingham Rose. I will need to add in a few other lines, but I'm waiting for my pattern that I ordered through my LQS. I ususally cut most of the pieces out when I start, but not the border or binding because I often change my mind on those. I am so eager to start I can hardly stand waiting for my pattern.

  3. I really thought I could do this since Eventide is one of the projects on my to do list for this year. I am just overwhelmed with The Farmer's Wife and a row by row quilt and 2 Schnibbles that are in progress right now. Looks like I'll take a pass and just enjoy what everyone is doing.

  4. This is the largest quilt I have ever done. I finally got the pattern in the mail last night and had fun reading over it many times! I have chosen to use Breakfast at Tiffany's, a Fig Tree line. That was hard for me to choose for I wanted it to be the right group. I have used the cut as I go method as well as cutting it all out and using the baggies to hold the cut fabric in. I will use cut as I go this time. Now I have to wait for the fabric to arrive. I am going to have some catching up to do!!

  5. Carrie gives such great instructions on cutting. I generally follow them, if my color groups are close to her original colors.

  6. As much as I would love to join a sew a long, I have too many projects going right now and I'm working at doing some stash busting!! But I look forward to watching the progress being made by others on this quilt. As far as starting a new project - I would say I'm a cut as I go. I usually like to do a block or two to make sure I am loving the pattern and fabric choices. I also have fabrics cut for a quilt that I hated once I got started. Someday, they might find their way into another quilt....

  7. My pattern shipped yesterday...yay!!! Can't wait to start cutting!

  8. I wish I could join the sew-along but don't know if I am ready for something so big. I am relatively new to quilting and absolutely love it. When I get a new project going on I like to cut everything out right off the bat so when I sit down to the machine I can just keep going.

    Love your blog!
    Debbie K

  9. I've learned over the years that I need to be a cut as you go girl! That way, if I've made a mistake or find an easier way to do something, I haven't done it ALL wrong - LOL! Besides, I'm usually too impatient to just sew something and see what it looks like! o:) Thanks so much for chance to win a charm pack of that gorgeous Pom Pom!

  10. I usually cut and piece one or two blocks at a time so I can balance colour and fabric across the quilt, which also means I can add in extra fabrics if I'm running short or I spot a 'that would look perfect in my project' FQ at my LQS! If I'm using the same background fabric for all the blocks I tend to cut out all of those at the start of the project and if I'm handpiecing the blocks I mark the stitching lines one or two blocks at a time as I find it quite tedious! I don't tend to follow patterns so I always double check my maths and cutting list and usually make the first block before I go any further in case I've made a mistake...Eventide is a beautiful quilt and I'm looking forward to following everyone's progress!

    Thanks for the giveaway - I hope an overseas entry is ok...

  11. I just love Carrie Nelson's patterns. They are so beautiful and look complex, but they are not. They are basic blocks and usually just straight seams. Quilters need to stretch their wings and not think "oh its too complicated!" It will look great! Don't overthink it.

    When I start a project like this (and I am making Ginger Belle and 2 other quilts right now or I would join in on Eventide) I go with first instinct for fabrics. If I decide to use my stash only, I just pull out lots of things I like that go with one inspiration piece. Other times I might use a fabric group I have been saving, or if the pattern really speaks to me, I might buy some just for it. Usually I hate cutting everything first, but it saves time and frustration later to do it that way for me.

    My most important tip: Don't think too much. Jump in and do it and you'll be happy you did!

  12. I've sewn a few of Carrie's patterns and always find them easy to use.

    I tend to be an over-cutter. I find cutting relaxing and so I might spend a night or two cutting lots of pieces. Then when I sit down to sew I have more choices than I really need. When the project is finished, I give the left-overs to someone else who is interested in making that pattern. Probably not the most efficient approach, but once I've started sewing I want to stay at it, not stop & cut more.

  13. I usually cut everything for a project at once and label like mad with Post-it notes! That way I can get busy and keep sewing--or, if I have to stop I can look at my 'notes' and pick right back up where I left off. Jan

  14. I like to cut everything out for a project in the beginning. I also use those little circle stickers you can buy in the stationary section of most stores to label everything, so I can grab exactly what I need.

  15. I would love to do a sew along, but my DH is in the army and deploying at the end of March, so the timing on this is off for me. (I plan and doing ALOT of quilting while he is gone, though.) How do I cut a quilt? I guess it depends. If it is a small one, I may cut it out all at once. On my current project, I used all scraps and cut each step--alternating between sewing and cutting to give variety.

  16. I have ordered the pattern but wont have it until Feb 25th, when my husband is back home with it! I even ordered a pack of fabric to go with it! Love the quilt and might join you but go slower... Looking forward to Tuesday!!

  17. I am definately a "cut-as-I-sew" kind of quilter. I like to see how my colour decisions are working out as I go along and can easily make any changes.
    Wish I could join the sew along, but I just have too many things on the go right now. I will enjoy watching the progress of everyone else on this gorgeous quilt.

  18. I would love to do Eventide sew along with you. Is it OK from France, please ?
    I think to use Collection for a Cause Heritage.
    I prefer to cut my fabrics all at once and then chain piece.

  19. I got my pattern ordered, finally! Yippee!! Don't have a clue, yet, what fabric I'll use, but I know I'll be stash-shopping. :-) I'm feeling some golds, reds and browns. We'll see how it shakes out when I get the pattern.
    I'm a cut-r-all-out kinda gal. Then I get chain piece units and see it all come together step by step. This looks like it will be tons of fun!
    Mary Lou

  20. Well I ordered the pattern. I know I said I wouldn't participate after all, but now it depends on when the pattern comes in if I will play with you or not. I am thinking of using Roses the Noel and add some lights from my stash (or the LQS).
    I tackel a project by first choosing the fabrics, than the cutting and than the sewing.

  21. Oh that gorgeous Pom Pom de Paris! My hands are itching to get hold of some already! Yum. I always cut out ALL the pieces of a project before I start... and I can't work on anything else until I'm finished. I learned the hard way that once I set something aside, it tends to stay set aside!

  22. I pick my fabric and then cut as I go. It allows me to change my mind if a fabric just isnt working.
    I am watching from the sidelines this time, too many WIP.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. First, I have loved the Miss Rosie's quilts before they became all the rage so I am thrilled with another book from Carrie to explore;
    Second, my cutting is determined by whether it is the first time I have made this pattern or color combo or whether I am comfortable with the technique and how the colors will work together. But as a general rule I make one or two of the blocks to test colors and recommended methods before I whack away at fabric for a queen. If it is a Go, then I cut and stack, bag and tag, order breeds efficiency for me.

  24. I have my pattern and my fat quarter bundle of Luna Notte arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. I like to cut and sew as I go . I will probably start out making a ohio star within the large star. Then go from there placing each one on my design wall. I have made 2 of Carries' quilts so far this year and her directions are always simple to follow.

  25. If I'm using a pattern, I cut all the fabric right away. If I'm making something up and using stash fabrics, I cut as I go along! That way I can see if the quilt needs more color balance.

  26. My pattern is on it's way my question is would this pattern be fat quarter friendly or 2 fat eight bundles, What is the largest piece of fabric needed, I want to use Antique Fair, but need to order it yet which will take 2 weeks usually to receive so I will be late in starting. I usually cut as I go. Can't wait for my pattern :)

  27. I am a semi cut as you go person. I cut the fabric for one block at a time, and then do the block. Once I have done a few blocks, and looked at them and I am happy, I then cut out everything else at once. I have a counter in my workroom, and I lay everything out, and label each with a sticky note.

  28. I'm a glutton for punishment cutter. I cut out 2-4 quilts at once, and I cut out everything at once, even the binding. Thanks for having a fun giveaway. Looks like you all are going to have fun making Eventide.

  29. I have only used one published pattern before, but I really like this one. If I decide to do it, I will make it a scrappy quilt. Can't afford to purchase any new fabric right now. I will take a look at the pattern and let you know if I can join.
    Since I usually design as I go, I also cut as I go. I can see the merits to cutting all at once if I am making many of the same kinds of blocks so I can chain piece.

  30. I like to make the first block, and then depending on how 'scrappy' the quilt is, I usually cut several more at a time after that first one.

  31. I'm a cut-as-I-go quilter. If I do one type of task too long then I get sick of it and will put it away. Variety keeps things interesting. I also like to make sure of my fabric combinations as well, so I'm with you there!

  32. I wffle between cut as you go and precut all. If it is simple baby quilt with a printed pattern i cut it all out. I did this for a retreat and I am good naturedly kidded about it to this day. Got 4 tops done in a weekend.
    On the other hand if i am not working from a comercail pattern I cut as I go cauese I never have the whole thing planeed anyway.
    For both borders aren even thought about unt the main body is done

  33. I just found your blog and I think the pattern will be perfect for a grad quilt I need to make PRONTO. So, I think you can count me in as well! I usually cut a little, sew a little, design a little, repeat, repeat, repeat. I always have leftover pieces I found I didn't like as much as I thought I would but that's ok. I have to let the quilt do the talking.

  34. Hi, Thelma
    I've been working away on the top i need to finish so I can start Eventide... and I learned something yesterday...
    The quilt top is a 2010 block of the month from my quilt shop which adds a surround of Log Cabin blocks made from the fabrics used in the original blocks. I cut all the log cabin strips out and assembled them in a completely random fashion! I ran out of strips for the corner Courthouse steps blocks, and I did NOT enjoy cutting out as I went for those blocks! I realize now, that I like to go through the cutting phase~ and then the sewing phase~... and let the chips fall where they may!
    (Of course the quilt I'm working on is VERY scrappy....)

  35. Hi Thelma! Finally got my pattern and was sad to find I couldn't use my fat 1/8ths or 1/4 yard cuts. My original fabric choice was Annandale, but after looking at the pattern I think I need more light florals...so I may go with some Rural Jardin I have. I found this really pale aqua, plus mixed in with other reds from the French General lines, I think this may work. I'm a cut everything out girl, except for borders. Although, I'm learning to try and change to a more cut as you go as sometimes I don't always like my fabric choices and then I'm stuck. I love the Pom Pom fabric, I would totally do that as an Eventide!

  36. Hi Thelma,

    I'm a little behind on my blog reading, so I just heard about your Eventide-Sew-Along, and would love to join up, if it's not too late. I've had my eye on this pattern for awhile now, and have a bunch of Martinque yardage in my stash that has just been waiting for a project like this!

    I'm definitely a "cut it out at the the beginning of the project and then store all the pieces by individual sizes in zip-lock baggies" kind of girl. I'm excited to get my pattern this weekend so that I can start all that cutting! Can't wait to see everyone's progress next week!

  37. Just got my pattern delivered from Fat Quarter Shop yea! I am so glad this is a 7 week sew along because I may be able to squeeze this in with everything else I'm doing (that's quilter's optimism for you LOL!)

  38. Hi-I finally got my pattern in the mail and started cutting out last night. I generally cut everything out at once and then I kind of pick and choose the fabrics as I make the blocks. I am using an older line of Moda called "Gatherings." I have held onto this fabric for just the perfect quilt and I think Eventide will be the perfect pattern. Gatherings is a bit darker than some fabric, but it will have a country look when I'm done. Thanks for having this "quilt-a-long" for all of us. It is so much fun, Thelma.


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