Thursday, April 14, 2011

One More Finish . . . .

We have another Eventide finish!

This beauty was made by Sharrieboberry at Needles Zing.
Sharrie! Congratulations on sticking with it, I think it was worth the wait!

Sherrie is thinking of changing the name from Eventide to Eastertide, given her choice of colors and the timing of her finish, it sounds like a great name to me.

I've just put the final seam in all the mug rugs I promised anyone who finished their Eventide. I'll be checking to see if I have all the correct addresses tomorrow, they should be in the mail on Friday.

Today is Lisa -Stashmaster's Fat Quarter Winners book tour day, she has a tutorial for your enjoyment.


  1. Very pretty! Eastertide is the perfect name!

  2. Another beautiful Eventide! I love seeing how the different fabrics makes a huge difference in how the same pattern looks. I love them all!

  3. How pretty in those colors! It makes me think of gloaming time. :)

  4. Wow! There it is--biggern than Dallas! Thanks Thelma!

    I'd like to take a better picture. The soft colors do not seem to show true in the photos I've taken. Any suggestions (other than try a different camera?) ;)

  5. So pretty! Way to stick with it! A beautiful finish.

  6. WOW Sharrie's quilt is gorgeous. Love the spring colors.

  7. Congrat's Sharrie ! Eastertide is GORGEOUS!

    Thelma how nice of you too make ALL of those " MUG RUGS" for each of us who finished Eventide ! That was alot of work ! I am really looking forward to receiving mine. THANKS !

  8. Eastertide is beautiful. Love those colors!!

    I received my gift box from Carrie today, wow, it is wonderful! I will post pics on my blog this weekend.

  9. Hi Thelma, love the blog and quilt. Treacle is great and a lovely nature. We have had three airedales in our life, the first one being my mom's dog which we had when she passed away, Kelly. She lived to 13 1/2 and died peacefully in her sleep. Just a month after, we found out we were expecting our Eldest son so didn't have another dog until he was three years old. We got another Airedale and Alexander when asked what he was going to call her said Kelly! so we ended up with another Kelly. Which was quite strange. Although she was completely different to the first one she had a great nature a real lady. Sadly she died two years ago, again in her sleep. We had already got Treacle so it did make things a little easier. Treacle is a real mutt. She gets into so much trouble and when she's done looks at you with a cute look and you can't be mad for long!

    Hope you have a lovely Easter. Happy sewing.
    Susie x

  10. What a great Eventide! I love the colors. Congrats for sticking with it!

  11. Just beautiful! I have really enjoyed seeing all of these lovely Eventide quilts! Thank you for sharing all of this! Did you think that the Eventide "quilt along" would get this big?


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