Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Monday ! !

How was your weekend? A bug bit my earlobe and it's the size and color of a cherry tomato, I'll spare you the picture.

Other than that, at my house, we had the hottest weekend we've had yet this summer.

Which is why it sort of tickled my funny bone that what little time I did spend in my sewing room I spent working on these.

32 snowball blocks. There's just something about working on snowball blocks in the heat of July that cracks me up. They are part of another piece of my Red & White Tribute quilt, stay tuned for more pictures.

I have some winners!!

First, thanks to everyone who followed the blog tour and left comments, I think I set an all time high with over 160. I hope whoever made the bars over the weekend loved them, I loved having an excuse to make them!

I bought the mugs and cupcake at a store called Kohls. If you have one in your area I bet these items are on are clearance now!

Several folks asked about my Texas Sheet Cake recipe, I don't think you can beat The Pioneer Woman's recipe, here's a link. (Chocolate Sheet Cake)

The prizes are all packed and ready to be shipped, all I need are some addresses.

I usually use Random Number Generator to pick my winners, but some folks had a little trouble leaving a comment, (sorry about that , what's up with Blogger these days!) so I printed off all the comments and added the emails that I got from folks wanting to leave a comment but were unable to and threw them in this basket.

Then I shook, shook, shook the basket like it was popcorn in a skillet (or like a Polaroid Picture) until one by one, little pieces of paper jumped out of the basket and on to the floor.

Here are the winners.

Butterfly George, who left a comment on July 8th at 9:01 AM, is the winner of the table topper and Fit to Be Quarter ruler!

Ferne, who left a comment on July 8th at 8:03 AM, is the winner of the two mugs and mug rug!

And SueB, who left a comment on July8th at 7:04 AM, is the winner of the cupcake and cupcake rug!

Thanks again everyone for stopping by, I was thrilled by the response I got for my post, the kind words about my table topper and the interest in my recipe. I just love my blogging buddies!


  1. ooooo!!! there IS a Kohls here! i just might hafta actually go IN (twist my arm and make me go into Kohls - the only place in the world that sells cotton granny panties that fit my bum)

    i spy with my little eye ... uhmmmm ... three inch snowballs? so 2-and-a-half inch finished?

  2. OMG!!! I can not believe my name popped out of a basket of 160 little pieces. I am so excited to win your adorable cupcake and capcake rug! I went to check out your friday posting and their they were , Adorable ! I have had computer problems and have had no internet since lst thursday. Just got on this afternoon and this just made my day. I think you already have my address from Eventide if not let me know I I will send it to you


    Sue B

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Aren't you just so organized with everything boxed up and ready to mail? Thanks for offering the give-aways.
    *sillysally* aka choc chip addict

  4. Congrats to Butterfly George, Ferne and SueB!

  5. This is so exciting and I love the mugs and rugs already! Thanks for hosting Thelma! Now to get one of those rulers and give it a whirl!


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