Friday, July 22, 2011

A Tisket a Tasket . . . . . .

One of the many things I love about having a blog is going back and revisiting my posts for my different projects. I pretty much always go back and reread my posts when my top comes back from the quilter, it's usually good for a laugh, I've usually worked myself into a frenzy over something during the project that I've completely forgotten once it's done. I didn't go back and reread my posts for this project, I remember this quilt like I finished it yesterday.

A la Mode (click here for more details regarding this quilt)

This was my 2010 summer project, my first (but not my last) quilt using Fig Tree fabric (mostly Folklorique) and my first basket quilt. I still remember how much I enjoyed making each basket block, adding the corner triangles, adding the sashing, coming up with that outer border, all fond memories. I also remember all the while I was working on this project I was picturing that quilt on my bed the next summer.

And here it is, the next summer and that quilt is on my bed!

Since it's a king size quilt, and one that I planned to use, my quilter and I thought an overall pattern would be a good choice. The quilting pattern is some sort of leafy/feather design, hard to describe but nice to look at.

For the back of the quilt I found this fabric on sale for $5 a yard, a nice Fig Tree fabric that had the same background color as the background fabric on the front of the quilt. So now the quilt even looks pretty when it's turned down at bedtime.

I loved this basket quilt so much that I've spent the last 12 months searching for another basket quilt pattern that I would like at least as much if not more than A la Mode. Here are a few of my favorites:

The pattern is MoJo by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and this quilt is Nicole's Ridiculously Cute Basket Quilt made with Simple Abundance, I love it.

This is Door Country Cherry Baskets by Lisa Bongean & Carole Charles. It's in their Summer Gatherings book. Those little baskets finish at 6 1/4 inches and there are 99 of them!!

This book has three really cute basket patterns, it's by Need'l Love. (their website has great pictures of these quilts)

I was introduced to this magazine when I was in Utah, Quilts Japan.

I don't understand a word written in this magazine but I don't care, the quilts are amazing. The March 2011 issue was loaded with basket quilts, here are my favorites,

little baskets surrounding bigger baskets, very clever.

And the little baskets in the border are randomly turned different directions, I like that too.

There are several things going on in this quilt, big basket, little baskets, varying background colors, baskets in the borders. It's one of those quilts that you need to really look at for awhile to take it all in.

Another little basket quilt, I love the happy colors and the shamrocks thrown in for fun.

Here's one with all types of baskets.

Inside those round blocks are little baskets, I'm ok with the green but for some reason I think it would look even better in red!

I'm not even sure if the patterns are included in the magazine, and even if they were, I don't speak the language, so the quilts in the Quilts Japan magazine may just be wishful thinking on my part.

I sure hope I can squeeze in a basket quilt project for 2011. Can you have too many basket quilts . . . . I don't think so!

Let me know if you have a favorite basket pattern or a basket quilt you think I need to add to my list!

I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! It's going to be another scorcher here this weekend, a perfect weekend for staying in and sewing.


  1. Funny that is one quilt that I have never made... a basket quilt. Hmmm... I wonder why as I do find them extremely appealing. All the ones that you have shown are just gorgeous! Your especially!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those yummy basket quilts. I have done one a king size. It lives on the bed in my camper.

  3. Sounds like another quilt-along is in order!! I have a basket sampler quilt, but the blocks are 12 -- and they seem so large to me! Would love to do a big quilt with smaller basket blocks. I like all the ones you picked!! :-)
    Mary Lou

  4. I love basket quilts too - I've had the Mojo pattern forever, but haven't gotten that far. I just designed a basket and log cabin quilt, but now you've got me back in the mood for even more baskets!

  5. Thelma,
    Your quilt turned out so pretty! Great share on all the beautiful basket quilts too. I don't think you can have too many basket quilts although I did have to draw the line on real baskets like

  6. I urge you to visit Piecemeal's site at and look at her basket blocks. Here's a quilt I made using all of them and another dozen different baskets:

    I can't seem to get enough basket quilts.

  7. Thelma... I love the A la Mode basket quilt. If imitation is the best form of flattery.. well I'm going to imitate. I have been searching for both patterns and found a Vintage book ... not sure if it is the same one you used. Also, did you use a FQ bundle? Thank you so much for sharing. It is truly lovely.

  8. What a fun post to read! I don't have a basket quilt and it never bothered me until I feel deprived! LOL
    Congratulations on your beautiful basket's stunning!

  9. I understand the love of basket quilts. I definitely have to make a quilt of tulip baskets in memory of my grandmother's tulip quilts. I doubt I will inherit one. :(

  10. Your quilt looks Amazing on your bed ! I remember this quilt when you were working on it and your wonderful trellis look border. I am purchasing my Jo Morton fabrics to make " GATHERING BASKETS " by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. I can't wait to make a basket quilt too

  11. What a super sampling of divine basket quilts. The ones in the Japanese magazine are incredible! I think any basket quilt is a thing of beauty. Your A La Mode quilt is one of my favorites ever.

  12. A La Mode is one of my favorite all time quilts! It's just beautiful. I love the allover feather quilting too!! There are some beautiful basket quilts to choose from. I love the PG's quilt!! You should do that one!!! :-)

  13. I've made the Mojo quilt and love it! Carrie is a wonderful pattern writer and it was pretty easy to make. I love all the baskets in the Japan Quilts magazine...what fun! I am also a basket lover and contemplating one now, but haven't decided. I have a Fig Tree one around that I have been contemplating...along with about a dozen other projects.

  14. Your quilt is beautiful. I remember I loved watching you design the border. I made a Schnibble version of Carrie's quilt and it was so fun.

  15. Your baskets are wonderful; I really love the latticework border. Sounds like you want a basket quilt for each season - a splendid idea!

  16. All are lovely. Another fantastic one that I'm sure you've seen out there in blog land is Trick or Treat (might not sound like baskets...) by Blackbird Designs from their book When the Cold Wind Blows. It's one of those projects that can keep going forever as you add to your fabric stash. Worth checking out!

  17. I adore gasket quilts. All of these are wonderful, especially yours. And I really love that green one too.

  18. I love basket quilts too. I especially love the one you made out of Folkorique fabric. I have a bundle of that and just took it out to start on my Farmer's Wife Quilt. (I'm a little behind in the quilt along because Eventide took me a little longer than I anticipated...:). Anyway, seeing your basket quilt made out of Folklorique and using the white to frame the baskets - well it got me thinking... Thanks.

  19. Love your ala mode quilt - king size, no less. I really did love the border when you did that. A real WOW factor. Love basket blocks too, just not all those triangles. Some other greats that come to mind include Fig Tree Hearth and Home Quiltsa - Sew Simple Basket, and of course Renee Nanneman and the cover quilt to French Farmhouse. That would look great in red too. Good luck deciding!!
    Stephani in TX -

  20. First of all congrats on having the Summer 2010 project on the bed, it is a beauty! I'm a sucker for a project that meets its deadline.

    Second I don't envy you your next choice of project/pattern. I too love basket quilts and have seen a few I'd like to do too (these days I'm looking at patterns with piecing and applique). Everyone of the ones you showed are great for one reason or another so no help here with your decision (but I know I will envy the finished quilt!!)

    The only basket quilt I've made to date (and which I love) is Alex Anderson's from her very first book "Quilts For Fabric Lovers". It was a scrap quilt project but it's not bed sized (which is not to say it couldn't be enlarged if desired). The book is oop so might be hard to find. Good luck, I know you'll pick a winner!

  21. ::: big sigh :::

    I love basket quilts and now you're making me think it has been too long since I made one. I might have to put that on my "to do" list too.

    I love the Dorr County Cherry Baskets and the QuiltsJapan quilts - big surprise there, right? - but I look forward to seeing what you decide to make. I have no doubt whatsoever it will be glorious... though maybe not quite as glorious as your A la Mode. Congratulations on a fantastic finish and I hope you enjoy the quilt as much as I - we! - have enjoyed the process. :)

  22. I love this basket quilt. You did a wonderful job on it of course. I may have to do something similar somewhere along the way, would you mind? I have both patterns and love basket quilts. Would love to have the Japanese pattern with all of the different baskets.

  23. So many gorgeous baskets to consider--you've even got me thinking about them! Your Al la Mode is great--I never realized how large it was--no wonder that lattice took so long, but it was worth it--a perfect complement!

  24. This quilt is amazing. Looks great on your bed!


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