Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evening Bloom - Block 5 . . . .

Finally, something different to blog about, it's not a new project, but at least it's a break from my Red and White posts.

I'm still working away on Evening Bloom, my needle turn applique project from the Country Inn book by Blackbird Designs.

This month is block five of nine, it's named The Iris Block and it is the center block of the quilt.

Here's the pattern from the book. All the blocks have red blooms and dark leaves and stems except for the center block. The designer went all red for that block. I thought it was a good idea to change up the look of the center block, but wasn't crazy about the pieces being one color.
So here's my progress . . .

My block ready for some pieces.

add a stem,

one leaf,

two leaf,

center bud,

Now here's where it gets interesting,

here's a picture of the next piece, a petal, in the fabric I originally chose. I didn't think it did anything for that block. Even though the designer went all red, I didn't like my fabric choice.

So I tried this, which didn't stay up there long. wow, was that bad or what!

Then I tried this. Even though there's no beige anywhere else in the quilt, I thought the block looked best with this fabric. I also liked how this gave the block a distinct look from the other blocks.

All Done!

And here it is with some of the other blocks. See what I mean about looking the same but still different? I'm very happy with it.

I'm making this project with a friend, here's Marianne's block next to mine. Marianne thinks my technique is improving, that my curves and lines are getting smoother. I am getting quicker.

Only 4 more blocks to go, I'm still hoping I'll have this done by the end of this year!


  1. You're doing beautifully Thelma! I think your curves have looked great all along. I've only one one hand applique project and it was a small one. It was the points that got me. Your points look good too! Are you going to hand quilt this one too?

  2. It's looking wonderful Thelma! You're doing great!

  3. Wow... it's beautiful! I like how you changed it up. I gotta get going on mine. Class is in a few weeks. Yikes!!!!!

    Have a great day!

  4. Thelma I love your block. But then again how can anything made with French General look bad ;-) Can't wait to see this whole quilt. It is going to be amazing.

  5. T
    The girls in my quilting group are encouraging me to do some applique but I haven't tried yet. I am encouraged by you however and may try something soon. Yours is beautiful! G

  6. Honestly, Thelma, you are doing an amazing job! I like how you changed up the fabric for this block. Beautiful! I think the petals remind me of 2 little birds. Very pretty!

  7. Exquisite. Your work is lovely Thelma! This quilt is going to be an heirloom.

  8. Your work is beautiful. I like the color choices you made for this center block. All the blocks look great.

  9. Beautiful .. love your color choices! It will be a treasure!

  10. Your block is beautiful. Your change-up is perfect. The finished quilt will be gorgeous.
    Debbie R.

  11. Beautiful! I like the beige petals. This is going to be another winner!

  12. Oh, Thelma, these are fabulous! Thanks for sharing...

  13. What a beautiful block, I love the background.

  14. That is a nice looking block Thelma. I enjoyed watching your petal auditions and love the choice you ended up with. Your blocks will live comfortably together. Lucky friend!

  15. YOu never know until you give it a try! I like your final decision! And I love those Dressie corners on the blocks! It's a masterpiece!

  16. Love, love those blocks. Thanks for showing the 'process' pics too! I think more of us should do that. It is always so inspiring.

  17. You make it look so easy but I am still so AFRAID of APPLIQUE...:( I admire your work though.


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