Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's July 25th!!

Good gravy where has July gone!

So I've decided on the fabric for my spools toppers and bottoms. I'm going pink and green!  Most folks are using grays and I've seen a couple of taupe versions.  

The spools I literally use are orange but that didn't appeal to me. I thought white toppers and bottoms would look nice against a red background, but was stumped on what fabric would then pop for the threads. I also contemplated going with red toppers and bottoms but the pink and green matches my sewing room so that's what I'm going with.  Whew, I sure made that hard!

  So I made my two inspiration blocks and called it quits, for now!

I need to get my July Schnibbles of the month done!  And this month is quilters choice, I couldn't pass up this month.

Do you remember that bundle of Kate Spain Terrain fabric that I said I was going to enjoy looking at on my sewing room shelf all summer? 

Well it's now officially off the shelf and on my sewing table.

I've decided to make Hubble, can you believe this stack of fabric is going to make that 70" x 70" inch star?  Me either!  But I'm thinking it will be fun to give it a try.  Lots and lots of half square triangles in my future, one of my favorite blocks!

BTW, Carrie named this pattern after the famed astrologer Edwin Hubble.  But I always think of Robert Redford from the movie "The Way We Were" when I hear Hubble, but he spelled his name Hubbel.  Since Robert Redford is a big star, and dreamy,  I'm naming my project Hubbel!


  1. Great spools, great pattern, great Hubble...and you know the Hubbel I mean....gotta love Robert Redford!

  2. Great idea to make your spools match your sewing room. =) I over think things, too. =)

    Awesome new name for your star quilt...Yes, Robert Redford is dreamy. *sigh*

  3. That pattern looks like great fun! And love the new "Thelmalized" name! It's perfect!

  4. I love the pink and green for your spools - great choice.

    Oh, Hubble/Hubbel will be beautiful. Have fun.

  5. I agree the pink and green spools are a nice, fresh change! It will be will Hubbel!

  6. 70"?? A Bit big for a Schnibble.
    I think I'm going to have to take a second look at Hubble!
    I had seen many spools with the colors you mentioned. You are so unique! LOL! I am liking your take on this pattern. It so like you to draw outside the line!

  7. Love your spools and Hubbel/Hubble is indeed a "looker".

  8. Hubbel is going to be awesome! I'm going to love watching that one come together.
    Your spools are sweet. When you talked about pink and green to match your sewing room, my first thought was yellow and red to match my own room and now I'm seriously considering making one myself.

  9. Your Spools are adorable ! You are always thin king outside the box ! LOVE THAT !

    I am hooked on SPOOLS ! I am already cutting fabric for #2 !
    Hubble is going to be gorgeous !

  10. I shoulda' known, I shouldna' known! You always throw in the best curves to the quilts you are working on. I got my pattern. I have my fabric. I have my gray fabric for the spools. Wham! Thelma comes up with a terrific idea of making the spools green and pink! Now why didn't I think about that?

  11. I love Hubbel and i would like to make it myself. I'm playing blog reading catch up today and you have been keeping busy, Thelma!

  12. I like where you are going with the spools! You are so clever to have thought of that movie when you were embarking on your Hubble journey. Didn't you love watching that movie? Bob and Babs!

  13. Sheesh... what's with re-naming all my patterns? Just so you know... only one custom pattern cover per person. If you want a cover that says "Hubbel", you're going to have to get out the Sharpie and get to work. ;)

    After all, you broke the last one.

  14. Hey wait! It deleted the little smile and "lol"!

    Edited by Google?!? As if!! ROFL


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