Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April 1st, no fool'n

It's April, and there are still no flowers blooming anywhere outside my kitchen window, not even any little green sprouts brave enough to peek out of the ground.  It sure put a big smile on my face when I turned my calendar to the month of April.  I'm usually thinking, "another month gone, how did that happen".  But I was so glad to see these flowers I didn't mind that March was history.

Besides turning my calendar I have a couple of other things that I do on the first day of each month, I rotate the the chairs in my kitchen so they don't get faded by the sun, or get faded equally, depending on your perspective, give Cooper his monthly heart worm medicine, and blog about the next blocks for Monique's Blogger Girls Block of the Month!  Nothing but fun going on around this house.

Here are the blocks for month four, same block, different fabric placements.  

These were the easiest blocks that I've pieced so far.  Not that blocks one, two or three were hard, they just seemed to take more time than what the month 4 blocks took.

Here are all my blocks.  I'm really liking the light, fresh, and springy feel of this project.

It's not too late to join us, but soon it will be, the directions for this block of the month will only be around a couple more months.  Even if you don't have the time to make the blocks now, you may want to print the directions so you have them later.

During the middle of March Monique provided the finishing instructions for our Blogger Girl BOM project.  Click here to view instructions.  The Patriotic Quilter has a nice start on her sashing and a great tutorial, check it out here.

I thought maybe I would set my blocks a little differently and played around with the idea of creating an alternate block and setting my blocks on point.  Here's my first effort, I pieced a block with 5 pinwheels and some sashing and cornerstones.  I like it, a lot, but I think it's too much for this project, it over powers the pieced blocks instead of complimenting them.

So I dropped 4 pinwheels and the sashing and cornerstones and came up with this.  I need to make more pinwheel blocks before I decide for sure, but I like the light airy and simple look of this setting.  It puts the focus back on the pretty pieced blocks.

I'm not the only quilter with blocks to reveal today, check out the following blogs for their month 4 blocks.

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Check out Monique's blog for the directions.

And follow along on Flickr, there are some amazing blocks out there.  Through Flickr I found some very interesting black and white Blogger Girl blocks made by Mapuchie Studios, I love them, check them out here.

Today is they day Sinta and Sherri get back to their Schnibbles sew along.  I've missed that sew along and all my sew along friends and am so excited the wait is finally over, today they will announce our next project, yeah!  Come join the fun!

And finally, for those of you holding your breaths along with Judi and I, while Evening Bloom traveled from Utah to Illinois in a USPS truck,  you can relax, it's home, and it looks even more amazing in person, just as I thought it would.


  1. I have the same calendar and thought the same thing when I flipped it this morning! Love the fabrics you're using for your BOM. I think the one little pinwheel looks awesome!

  2. I think the one little pinwheel looks awesome too!!

  3. Hey Thelma, these are looking good and love the one pinwheel inbetween the have such a good eye for that. I to am glad it is April and spring is on its way....(I hope) Need to get going on my blocks too.

  4. The simple pinwheel block will allow for some very pretty quilting in the white areas. It's looking great.

  5. Good looking blocks, Thelma. I'm excited about the Schnibbles sew along returning, as well.

    We definitely have spring and everyone is suffering with allergies and such - ugh!

  6. Love how your blocks are turning out! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your sashing. I have 2 in the works (although I'm not working quickly) and may copy your approach so they are finished differently. Love the spring colors you have going on.

  7. Those are cute blocks! Love em!

  8. Goodness, I nearly choked when you mentioned my blog and linked to it! How exciting. I do like your one pinwheel block, too. I agree that it will make for a very airy quilt.

  9. Once again your blocks are beautiful and colour choices wonderful. They really do shout spring. Nothing blooming in my yard either. I expect one more snow storm yet.

  10. Love your post as always. I really like the multiple pinwheels, but I agree on the single - however - I wonder if it would look great with the red posts and extra sashing as well as the single pinwheel? Can't wait to see yours all wrapped up!

  11. I LOVE the single pinwheel as the setting block. Perfect "Thelma" touch!

  12. I love the material for this BOM! The red cornerstones look very nice along with the single pinwheel. This material is perfect for spring, if it ever gets here. We also had 4 inches of snow last week. My daylilies are beginning to show themselves, up about an inch or so. It gives me hope for warmer weather soon.

  13. Boy, moving those chairs around and heart worm pills... you DO know how to have fun! LOL
    Your pinwheel block is so clever- it would be a great alternate block for any sampler! You are brilliant!

  14. Isn't it just amazing that the same pattern with different colors makes a block look totally different..even tho it is the same pattern/structure. Your blocks look great!


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