Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally, a flower is blooming at my house . . . .

This is what greeted me Monday morning, 16 inches of snow. It is melting, and the streets are clear, but it sure doesn't look like spring in my neighborhood. 

I'm still working away on all the pieces and parts for my Carolina Lily blocks.

But I had enough pieces and parts to make one inspiration block.  I was worried about those side stems matching up correctly with the seams at the base of the flowers.  Woo Hoo, what a relief, the stems did match up just right.

It feels great to know the blocks should go to go together easily and to finally have something blooming at my house.

I'm not so sure I like the direction of those grapes on my basket, I may cut those triangles again, so the grapes are not diagonal and they all look the same.  I'm not missing those basket handles one little bit.

My trunk show for the Homespun Quilters in Mt. Carmel, Illinois was nothing but fun. There were at least 50 members in attendance.  They were a very welcoming and engaged audience, I immediately felt at ease while I talked about my quilts.  They are also a very civic minded group volunteering their time and energy making pillowcases, Quilts of Valor, and fleece quilts for local youth.  I felt honored to be asked to speak to such an active and experienced group of quilters.  Thanks so much ladies, I could not have had a better time!


  1. Glad to hear your trunk show went so well and bet they loved your quilts. What is not to love with all those beautiful quilts! This spring bloom is looking quite nice. Just think, you could have a full garden in no time at all....

  2. Just love your Carolina Lily, beautiful! Sorry to hear about your snow, winter has been TOO long in southern MN too. There was no doubt at all that your trunk show would go well. I would have loved to see them in person!

  3. The red is very striking! Another great quilt is well on its way.

    Booooo for the snow!

  4. I love this. How come I always want to make everything you make?

  5. I've been anxious to hear about the trunk show - you may have to let us know which quilts you took. Glad it went well.
    Carlina Lily looks pretty and I wouldn't be missing those handles either, however, I hate to admit it, but the grapes might make me a little wierded out also.
    I've been enjoying my grandgirls on their spring break, and going to the beach. Very windy, so have a bit of wind burn and sun burn. Getting ready for more company though, so need to go in a sew a bit before they come tomorrow (machine is in the room she will sleep in).
    Enjoy your week end!!

  6. Too much snow for 2 days before Easter! Your baskets are coming along so nicely.

  7. Cooper's body language says it all, "What the #&@%?!?"

    we had a big old blizzard on saturday, but the snow is just about gone today - the sky is colorado blue...

    and that basket looks SO much better without handles!

    p.s. - LuLu's paper hamster is the ONLY kind of rodent she will ever get to keep here - she loves the little rat!

  8. Congrats on your successful trunk show! Wish I was there to get all that inspiration in one fell swoop! Love your Carolina Lily!

  9. Yay on your trunk show! Hopefully this will be the last snow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping so. The baskets look way better without the handles. Puts the focus on what the block is all about!

  10. So you can come to Torquay, Saskatchewan now to do a trunk show? Happy Easter, Thelma. Oh...we have way, way more snow than you!

  11. Your Lily block is really cute...and a great way to use up scraps. I might give it a try..I am not much into such small piece work etc, but the outcome seems to be worth the work, so as soon as I am done with the two I am doing for my kids birthday's I think I am going to venture into a lily block! (PS..I dont miss the handles on it either..that is one thing I never liked on a basket block!)

  12. That's how I got started making paper flowers! We had a terribly snowy, cold winter and I just needed to see a flower. Your block is beautiful and I can't wait to see the quilt finished, XOXO

  13. So much snow in what should be your spring! Must be global warming -I think climate intensification is a more correct term! The lily block is looking very good, but I reckon I'd fuss about the direction on the basket fabric too.


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