Saturday, June 1, 2013

Month 6 Blogger Girls BOM

Can you believe it's June 1st!  I have no idea where this year is flying off to.  The good news about it being June 1st, it's time for the latest and the last Blogger Girl BOM block.  Yip, this is the last one, and it's a good one for wrapping up the sew along.

Every month I always say this is my favorite month (except  month two, the robot head month).  I won't say that today because month 5 is still my favorite, but I will say this, this block is the easiest of the group to piece and I do love how it turned out, it's my second favorite block!

And here are all my blocks, pieced and ready for some sort of setting, I'm still mulling over my options, I'm going with something different than what Monique designed.

The fabric that I'm using is Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda.  Oh, and one more thing, my blocks will finish at 6 inches, not the 12 inches in the patterns.  I thought it would be fun to have a Mini Blogger Girl BOM quilt.  Monique said she was fine with me changing up the size of the blocks, but that she wouldn't provided directions for making two sets of blocks, one for the 12 inch blocks and one for the 6 inch blocks, and I can't say that I blame her.  So part of the fun for me each month was shrinking down the pattern.  I must have done a good job because not once did someone leave a comment saying they thought my blocks looked a little off.  If you were thinking it, and polite enough not to mention it, now you know why!

There are a few other quilters displaying their month 6 blocks today along with Monique, who will provide the pattern instructions, be sure to check them out.

Sherri from A Quilting Life -
Lissa from Moda  Lissa  -
Denise from Quilter’s  Window -
Nicole from Sister’s Choice  -
Lisa from Stashmaster -

Go to Monique's blog for the directions.

The goal is for everyone, including me, to have the blocks pieced and tops assembled by July 1.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's finished top.  Be sure to follow along and add your blocks and project to our Flickr account.

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  1. oh now - those are just puh-retty, Thelma! i cannot tell by looking at them how small they are - now i want to make a little quilt, too ... maybe by july 1 NEXT year - ha ha ha!!!

  2. Love, love, love these blocks! What a great choice of fabrics to use, and I like your idea of 6 inch blocks! I just can't stop staring at them!

  3. I like this block best so far. I just downloaded the directions because I think I might like a whole quilt with this block.

  4. I love that yours are 6" blocks - but would have no idea how to shrink them!
    Pretty colours

  5. These are delightful! Such striking designs matched with a great color palette!

  6. Wow 6", how do you go about shrinking your blocks? And they are beautiful! Can't wait to see you mini quilt put together.

  7. They look terrific and I would never have known they were 6" blocks. Tricked me!

  8. I LOVE your blocks. Can't wait to see how the finish quilt looks. Had NO IDEA your blocks were smaller. Seeing all of yours together make me want to get back going and caught up on mine.

  9. Super cute! I love that you made them smaller.

  10. I would love to make them small... how do you reduce?

  11. Hehe I couldn't even tell yours were six inches! I guess I haven't seen anything next to them to scale them. Everyone's blocks are looking good. I've been printing out the patterns ready to go, just finishing off some other things first. I'm going to do blue and white for my bed, using Indigo Crossing like Sherri.

  12. I forgot you were going smaller. They look awesome.

  13. I didn't realize these were a mini version of the originals either, but boy am I smitten with them! You did a great job of combining colour and scale. Very pretty!


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