Friday, October 30, 2009

A Little More Progress . . . . .

Here's block 2 for my Faceted Jewels project.

I've made all the half square triangles, half of the flying geese and just a few center pieces.

Here's block 1 and 2. This is going to be a time consuming venture. I think I'll be glad to break up my effort with Schnibbles. I'm hoping to get all the pieces for block 2 finished before I start the November Schnibbles. I think that would be a great stopping point. That would just leave assembling the blocks on my To Do list.

I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail today. My daughter sent me "The Pioneer Women Cooks" book! The recipes look great. The book is very appealing to the eye, beautiful pictures and graphics. It's not your usual cookbook. I like it. Thank You Baby Girl!!

Today is Cooper's 1st birthday! He came to live with us very unexpectedly on December 21st. My folks, getting caught up in the excitement of my brother's family getting a Christmas puppy, decided to get one too. Less than 48 hours later they decided they were not up for a pup, so we took him in. Some things are just meant to be. Our dog had passed away earlier in the fall.

Here's Cooper his first week at our house, all 12 pounds of him. It's easy to see why my folks couldn't resist taking him home. When I bought this bed, I naively thought it would last at least a year.

Boy was I wrong, he's now up to 84 pounds. Happy Birthday Cooper!! You make us smile everyday!


  1. Happy Doggy Day Cooper!
    That Jewel Box is going to look fantastic!

  2. Happy Birthday Cooper! 84 pounds? That is a lot of dog!
    I got my PW cookbook Wednesday too! What are you going to make first?

  3. I'm making Marlboro Man sandwhiches for halloween!

    Happy B Day Cooper! You're not a devil dog!

  4. Happy 1st Birthday to Cooper!!! What a cutie!!! Your Jewel blocks are looking great!!! I can see how they would be a good project to do in between Schnibbles. I love the fabrics you chose...definitely look like jewels. I recently heard about Pioneer Woman's blog and cookbook. I've only had a chance to take a quick glance at her blog, but definitely need to go back when I have more time. Maybe check out the cookbook too. Enjoy your new recipes!!!

  5. Cooper sure has grown... I hope he has a good birthday. The Pioneer Woman recipes are great and the book is not your average cookbook, since it has lots of pictures of the steps along the way, and it makes you hungry just looking at them.

  6. Wow - that's one cute puppy and one honkin' big dog! I love the picture of grown-up Cooper in his much too small bed. Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

  7. Oh my gosh, I want that cookbook so bad! I had put it on my Amazon list while it was unavailable and then forgot all about it! Woo hoo. I'm going to order it!

    Happy Birthday Cooper! I love how cute he is, trying to fit into his little bed.

  8. He is adorable!!! I would take Cooper... or at least babysit him anytime!

  9. Nicky (my chocolate 3 yr. old Doodle) wishes Cooper a very Happy Birthday! They're about the same size! They'd have a blast if they could play together!

  10. Happy Birthday Cooper!! The Pioneer Woman is featured this month in Southern Living magazine. I have got to get this book!
    Your block is beautiful with the batiks. Can't wait to see it finished! Knowing you next week!! :)


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