Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few Good Things . . . . . .

A girlfriend from Colorado stopped by for a visit and brought me these flowers! I thought I would share them with you.

I forget how much I enjoy cut flowers until I'm around them. They sure liven up a dreary fall day.

I won a giveaway, without even trying!!! Just by doing something that comes natural to me.....chewin' the fat or in blog speak, leaving comments. I left the most!!

Rene from Rene Creates had a clever little giveaway for folks who had been visiting her blog. She came up with several ways to win, but didn't tell anyone, just folks stopping by qualified in different ways. I won these fabrics and a pattern from Quilters Quarters. I love the colors, plus batiks are my favorites. If I only had a nickel for every time my report card said, "talks too much in class". Well it finally got me something!!

Rene is a very artistic and creative quilter and photographer. She made this card which came with my goodies. She also has the most adorable blog, cute colors and pretty blue buttons everywhere, go stop by and say "Hi", maybe she's having another secret giveaway!

Rene also sent this Breast Cancer Awareness guitar pin from Hard Rock Cafe! I think I'm going to keep it here on this little batch of fabrics that I keep on my shelves.

Here it is, next to my Lessons Learned Journal, pink weights, and pretty tea cup.

I love collecting little sewing things and whatnots and setting them on these shelves in my sewing room. Several things are from my daughter.

I got these pins right after I decided on my blog name.

There's one daisy in the middle. They set on the shelves too.

A little while back I bought some fabric from Stashmaster who was cleaning out her stash and I bought a kit that came with this purse, with fabric inside!! Isn't it cute. Now you folks who are lucky enough to have access to quilt shops have probably seen this many times, but it's new to me!! I don't know if I'll ever use that fabric, it looks too cute in that purse to take out!!

I did do some sewing today, I made a sampler block of block #2 for my Faceted Jewels quilt. But you're just going to have to come back tomorrow if you want to see it. I'm at my daily picture limit.


  1. I'm blushing from all those wonderful comments you made about me!!! I'm so glad you won some goodies at my giveaway. I definitely need to come up with another one....just need an inspirational creative idea. So nice of your friend to bring you flowers. I have to say you have a lovely sewing room. Not only do you have the great view...but the inside is just as pretty. Lovely collection of sewing items. Definitely love the cupcake pins and the "Hey There Cupcake" behind them. Is that a book...wallpaper...? Can't tell, but really pretty. Looking forward to seeing your sampler block tomorrow. Are you going to post it at Amy Lou Who's Sew & Tell Friday?

  2. Congrats on winning, and I love those little shelves. Very cute.

  3. I'm so happy that you won those beautiful fabrics and oh...that breast cancer awareness guitar **sigh** I adore it. Lost my mom to breast cancer many years ago when options were few and awareness was low. AND I (try) to play my guitar but when people run from the room screaming with fingers jammed in their ears, well, I can take the hint, LOL. It really is wonderful and it looks SO great there on your shelf. Very nice prizes. I'm always blown over by the generosity and thoughtfulness of quilters as a group. Like I said to someone else on their blog the other day, I'm really proud to call myself a member of this fun, generous, caring and often 'quirky' group of "Quilters". By the way, those decorative pins are just so cute. I've never seen any in the local shops but I hope to find some daisy pins on line (and I'll probably have to have some cupcakes too, and dragonflies and butterflys if I can find them!!!) Daisys were my moms favorite flower and I remember them growing all over our yard. AS for the fabric in the purse, that is so cute that I'm not sure I could cut into it either. Well, I've rambled enough, enjoy those beautiful Batiks, and be sure to post pictures.

  4. Congratulations on winning! I love the cupcake pins. I wish I had some could you tell me where you purchased them? I love all your pink pretties.

  5. I love the little pink bowl the cupcake pins are in. I'm a sucker for colored bowls. Can't wait to see block two from the faceted jewels quilt. It must be coming together nicely.


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