Friday, October 23, 2009

Some of my best work........

Before I discovered quilting, the only sewing I accomplished was my daughter's annual Halloween costume.

Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty. I remember Ashley wearing a white turtleneck under this dress, it was a cold Halloween.
The cutest Laura Ingalls ever!!
Here Ashley was a car hop, but I would not let her wear her skates in the house for the picture!
Garfield - she wore this costume 2 years. Naturally, it was hot both years.
The month I worked on this costume, orange floating fuzz filled the air.
Cooper's thinking he wants to be Garfield this year.


  1. Cooper is too funny!!! Now that the kids are grown (don't know that for sure) are you resorting to making costumes for Cooper? ;-))) My little dog Max won't let us put anything cute on him. Your Halloween costumes are incredible. How lucky your daughter must have felt every Halloween wearing your beautiful creations. I think that's why Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays....I can never come up with cute costume ideas and I stress. My kids have to resort to the cheaply made yet expensive costumes at the Halloween store.

  2. Cooper is adorable, I started laughing the second I say that picture. My daughter is being Aurora this Halloween so I found that funny, I'm workiing on her costum, which is actually a cross between Belle and Aurora, two of her favorite princesses.

  3. Cooper looks adorable, not as cute as I looked, though!

  4. Oh my gosh, Cooper looks adorable. And a little hilarious. Love it.

    You are very talented. Those costumes are all wonderful. I'm very impressed.

  5. I just burst out laughing at that picture of Cooper. How hilarious.
    You are such a talented sewer Thelma! Great costumes!

  6. Love the costumes! I used to make costumes for my daughters and the grandkids. Such fun! Cooper makes a great model! I don't think Nicky (my Doodle) would tolerate it.

  7. Cooper is adorable. I always made my daughter's Halloween costumes. In fact I still have most of them packed away in the basement. You are very talented!


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