Monday, January 25, 2010

And the Winner is . . . . .

We Won!

Don't you just love confetti? Wouldn't it be fun to have confetti fall from the ceiling? Lose a pound...confetti all over your scales. Clean out the fridge...confetti all over the kitchen. Since I would probably be the official confetti sweeper, I'll guess I'll refrain from that home improvement.

Last night I did get to enjoy a little confetti without worrying about the cleanup. For all you folks who don't follow football, the Indianapolis Colts did win!!

That means we're going to the Super Bowl!! Well not "we" as in me, that would require a second mortgage, but the Colts are going. Woo Hoo!

Thanks to all who left the most creative comments, I laughed and smiled all weekend as they came in. I'm sure your goodwill helped seal the deal!!

I thought about splitting the fabric into 40ths, so every clever commenter would get a little something, but then I decided just to go with the original plan so four folks could actually make something bigger than a pin cushion. So each winner will receive this bundle of fabric.

All the names went into the basket, and I shook the basket until four names popped out.......and the winners are.....

Lesly - Pickle Dish
Dortha C

Congratulations ladies, send me your address and this fabric will be on its way to you. (

Please drop me a note or send a picture when you finish a project using this fabric, I'll be eager to see how you use it. And if setting it on your shelf and admiring it is your use, that's good too. I'm so happy this lovely fabric is going to get the chance to be something for someone!

"D" left a very heart felt comment about Haiti, and she's right, we all need to be routing for the Haitian people and the volunteers who are trying to improve a horribly sad situation.

This young man, Pierre Garcon, #85 for the Colts, has family in Haiti. His parents and 3 sisters were born there. As the Colts prepare for the Super Bowl, Pierre Garcon will be a reminder to please keep those people in our thoughts. The Red Cross was collecting donations at yesterday's game, and from the looks of their buckets, the fans were generous.

And finally, to Megan, the one commenter who is a New Orleans Saints fan, the team the Colts will face, Congratulations! What a wonderful thing for that city, Good Luck!


  1. Yippeeee!!! Hooray for the Colts and for me, a winner!!!! So happy your team is going for the Big One! This morning, my husband said to me "If you live long enough, you'll see everything. Who could imagine the New Orleans Ain'ts in the Superbowl!" So although I kind of feel like I should root for them, in gratitude I will cheer for the Colts! Thanks, Thelma! So excited! I'll send you my addy by email.

  2. Congratulations to the Colts and to your winners. Both games were so good!!! It's about time. Some of the playoff games were snoozers. I had no problem cheering for the Colts. I love them. It was the second game that had me torn. Being from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, the Saints were our team!!! However, being from Mississippi, I have a soft spot for Brett Favre. I decided I wanted the Saints to win, but for it to be a close game. That happened, but I felt so bad for Brett and the way the game ended. I am hoping the Super Bowl is another great, close game. I am sure there will be many people torn with Peyton playing against the Saints. Who knew there were so many quilters who are also football fans?!?!? I love it.

  3. A Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the four winners. Such beautiful fabric and such a generous giveaway. Enjoy your treasures ladies. Way to go Thelma!!!

  4. Thank you!!! Those fabrics are gorgeous and I love blue!!
    Maybe I can use this in a stash buster quilt I am making with Pat Sloan????



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