Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I See a Pattern . . . . . . . .

Have I mentioned I'm a pattern collector, quilt pattern collector......

I LOVE PATTERNS!! You know how some people collect fabric, I collect patterns. I like reading how the designer puts it all together, I like driving myself crazy trying to figure out a better way to make it. I like to think there's a pattern inside me just trying to get out.

In my sewing room I have two binders for storing the individual patterns I buy or tear out of magazines. One binder holds over 100 patterns. The patterns are divided into categories, like "Holidays", "Juvenile", "Big Blocks", "Stars". I think I have twelve different dividers. Once a year I go through this binder to reacquaint myself with the patterns and to reevaluate their appeal. So when the day comes that I need a "Star" pattern, I know right where to go for some options. I don't kid myself into thinking I'll make all these patterns, but I like having them.

My second pattern binder is smaller, it holds maybe 15 patterns. These are patterns I AM going to make, for sure! Like my top ten favorites, only there are fifteen. I like to grab that small binder every now and then and read up on the ins and outs of making each top. When I finish one quilt, I go right to that binder to pick my next one.

So when I was at the "Road to California" quilt show, I was excited to see new patterns by familiar designers and new designers with different patterns. I think patterns are an easy thing to sell at a quilt show, they're light and portable. You rarely see bolts of fabric, it's mainly the bakery goods or kits. Most of the fabric I've seen online before I even get to the show, but the patterns, they're a whole new ballgame.

I bought 6 new individual patterns at the quilt show.

This pattern, "Belle Meade", is by Bonnie Blue Quilts. They had this kitted with "Rouenneries" by French General for Moda and I loved it. I've been thinking about doing an ocean waves pattern with my "Rouenneries" fabric, this pattern has an ocean waves kind of feel. The light and dark fabrics in the large HSTs really set it off. Plus I liked how the border fabric was worked into the blocks. I'm thinking this may be how I use my Rouenneries. It's going in the small binder.

This pattern is made up of traditional blocks but the color combination and setting really appeals to me. This is "Dessert Bloom" by Susan Van Alyne and Janet Pierce for Bread and Butter Quilts. I could not find an internet hit for them but according to the pattern they are from Nevada. This is the first time I've seen Bread and Butter quilt patterns, it's going in the small quilt binder.
"Trellis" is by Jillily Studio. Jill Finley, the designer, was at the show giving a demonstration on Appli-glue and has a tutorial on her website, along with all her patterns. I liked how the piecing created the interlocking design of the squares and the applique around the border. I want to do a little more with applique and this is a step up from what I've done, but not over the top with pieces or complexity. It's going in the large binder, in the "Applique" section.

"Layer Cake" is by Quiltin' Cousins from Pismo Beach, California. It looks like dozens of little chocolate cherry layer cakes. I'll need to collect some good browns and reds for this quilt, so it will go in the big binder for now.
I thought these cupcake place mats by Susie C Shore Designs would look cute in my sewing room, this pattern went into the big binder. With a name like Susie C Shore I was expecting her to be from California, but she's not, she's from Arizona.

And finally, a new to me Schnibbles, "Decoy".....what is it with me and stars? This one's just going to lay out in my sewing room for awhile because it's so cute......and maybe the next Schnibbles for "A Year of Schnibbles"????

Remember the "Let It Snow" snowman pattern I gave away, and the little snowman heads my friend had made? The original pattern had 12 snowman heads......

My friend finished her top. She made it bigger AND added sashing, which I think really sets off those snowman heads. Great Job, I love it!


  1. Wonderful assortment of patterns. I see some terrific future projects.

    Oh, I love the larger version of the snowmen quilt and the sashing between the blocks is PERFECT. Thank you for sharing, Thelma.

  2. Great patterns Thelma. Thank you for taking the time to show us them all. I also love to collect patterns. Sometimes, I think I spend more on the patterns, books and magazines than I do on the fabric. Of course, I love books anyway. I love to look at the patterns for inspiration...even if I am not using that particular pattern. I like the way you organize your patterns into binders. Have a great day.

  3. I love this post, Thelma! Great idea to share your latest patterns and describe how you organize them. My favourite of the ones you showed us is the Lady of the Lake at the top of the post. That's one of my all-time favourite patterns, and I've been thinking of that for one of the on-line quilting bees I'm in. I laughed when I saw those cupcakes - of course you HAVE to make those - too perfect!

  4. Hehehe...patterns...I have soooooo many (seriously it's kind of embarressing)and I love more lol. I love the idea of the little folder! I'm going to have to start one of those.

  5. I love patterns too, and you got some great new ones. Love the cupcakes - it's so YOU! Thanks for showing your friend's snowman quilt, that is adorable.

  6. Won't that Bonnie Blue Ocean Waves pattern be stunning made with Rouenneries? Thanks for sharing your organizational system for your patterns. What a great way to keep track of things. I should have known you would come up with something brilliant!

  7. I am intrigued with the idea of binders to hold patterns, especially the one that holds 100!!!!! Boy, do I need that one. Could you share your sources please?

    Jane at mccrthyj@gmail.com

  8. i love those snowmen - i think they need to come live with me!

  9. Love your new patterns, especially Belle Meade and Desert Bloom. I just started a Lady of the Lake quilt this weekend, which is the block in Belle Meade, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I tracked down the Desert Bloom quilt kit at The Quilt House (in Gardnerville, NV), and will call them tomorrow to see if they sell the pattern alone. Fingers are crossed.

    Love the snowman quilt, and the cupcake place mats are adorable!

  10. Thank you for including me in your blog!

    Your site is beautiful;^}

    Suzanne (aka Susie)


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