Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Day Another Iron . . . . . .

The other day, when I walked into my sewing room, I noticed my dependable Rowenta iron had wet herself.......there she was, all embarrassed, sitting in the middle of a gigantic wet spot that took up half my ironing board. I know I got lucky that's all she wet on, I've heard the horror stories of steam irons ruining quilt tops, but luckily that wasn't the case this time. As long as I choose to use steam, I know that's a risk just floating out there in the future.

So I went to look for a replacement for my iron, but I guess they no longer produce my old model, so I was forced to upgrade. The nose on this iron has a great elongated tip and there are three times as many steam holes that are a third of the size of the ones on my old iron. So far we are getting along great. In a moment of weakness or boredom, I read the owner's manual. Did you know you're to empty the water well in the iron each time you're finished with it? That was news to me. I use my iron almost everyday, but since reading that tip I've been emptying out the water at the end of the day. I'm hoping this new little routine will make my iron last longer and just maybe prevent a water stain issue down the road.

I've sewed all the inner blocks for State of Chaos together, the process was relatively easy. I had a few points that did not match exactly but overall I would rate this pattern as pretty forgiving. The pattern called to sew each 6 inch block into rows, then sew together the ten rows.

I chose to sew 4 blocks together to create this block, then sewed these 12 inch blocks together to finish it up. I did this so I could pay attention to the corners making up the center pinwheel, plus it gave me another chance to square things up. Whenever I can, I take the opportunity to square blocks up! So now I'm waiting for my containment border fabric that I ordered online. Once I have it I'll be able to finish this quilt. It's staying on the design wall until it's done.

On to the next project...

I saw a Hunters Star project on Allyson/Fat Cat Quilts blog. I loved its color way, beige, navy and black. I dropped her a note saying how much I liked that color combination and was thinking of going with those colors for my next project. She was nice enough to let me know that the project was really all blacks, no blues, just poor photography. That's just like me, to pick a color pattern for my next project off a bad picture. But it didn't stop me!

So I'm taking these blacks and blues ........

And these lights.....

and making 80 of these. This block has several names, Jacobs Ladder, Road to California, Off to San Francisco and Gone to Chicago. But whatever it's called, this is what I'm going to be working on the rest of this month. No fabric drama, just cutting and sewing.

I really like navy, and in the summer, I don't think there's anything sharper than a navy blue and white outfit. I don't really have any navy in my house but I think adding the black will make it fit in and be a nice change of pace.


  1. Sorry to hear about your iron. Emptying the reservoir is news to me as well. Like you, I use mine everyday, but at the end of the day it is generally empty anyway. Looking forward to seeing your Jacob's Ladder. I love the look of a two color quilt.

  2. I've not been putting water in my iron. I use a spray water bottle and just spritz the fabric before pressing.

  3. That is one of my favorite blocks. I adore secondary patterns!
    I've had more issues with irons then I care to remember, so I switched to cheapy ones and wouldn't you know it has outlasted them all! To be fair most of them were my fault, like the one I left on the stove and used the oven....and it melted to the element seeing as how that element was the "exhaust" one. Yes I'm smart I know. :)

  4. Your State of Chaos block looks great. Looking forward to your new project. Didn't know about emptying the water out of the iron either, but like Jackie, mine's usually empty at the end of the day as well.

  5. Love your State of Chaos block! I knew you were supposed to empty the water out of the iron, but I guess I'm tempting the fates because I don't do it~ I have it on almost all day so it is usually empty by night too. I love blue/white combo's! You are going to have a beauty!

  6. I read where you are supposed to empty the Rowenta iron ... but I never do. I always turn it back to the lowest setting when I am through using it ... I do abide by that rule.
    Your quilt is looking lovely and I have pieced a Jacob's Ladder with an applique border that needs to be machine appliqued. That will have to wait until after the wedding. I am working on 2 quilts right now for Jennifer. Your Jacob's Ladder will be beautiful!

  7. I read about emptying the reservoir of the Rowenta iron but I don't do it. Yes, I'm tempting fate but c'est la vie. LOL

    State of Chaos block looks fabulous. And, I'm loving your new project. That will be another beauty.

  8. Your State of Chaos block looks great! And I'm loving your new and navy and cream...wonderful! I'll be waiting to hear a review of your new iron...oh dear, empty the iron every day...maybe that's why mine don't last very long.

  9. I'm one of those people that don't empty their iron either at the end of the day just because I know that I'm coming back in the morning. Guess I better start.

    I love your State of Chaos block and I'm really loving those fabrics you picked out for your next project. It's going to be beauty.

  10. Thelma, A few months ago my hubby got me the travel size Rowenta that I have been wanting for over a year. I have a larger iron that just won't die, so I feel obligated to use it until it 'give's up the ghost'. I wanted the little Rowenta for smaller pieces...especially the really tiny ones for pin cushions etc. I love it so much I use it now on all but my blocks with larger pieces in them. What a gem. However, my little one also wet herself one night when I forgot to empty her when I was finished for the day. Fortunately like you, I hadn't left any projects or fabric on my ironing table but the mat was soaked, as was a block pattern and my small cutting mat that I left under my pressing mat, but just a little hanging out to dry took care of everything. I knew I was supposed to empty her when finished but...I forgot that time. She is still working wonderfully though, the best iron I have ever used. One of these days I'll get the larger size. I love the selection of fabrics for you new project! Can't wait to see how it comes together. Have a wonderful day.

  11. I also have the travel Rowenta. I LOVE it and rarely use my bigger iron. I don't use water in it at all. I like it as a dry iron. My only complaint about it is that it takes a long time to cool down. It gets really hot though and I hadn't realized that my big iron didn't until I got this iron.

    Your State of Chaos block looks wonderful!

  12. Thelma, I found you off of Dee's blog. I love this info about the Rowenta. I have one and I did not know I was supposed to empty the water each time. I see Jackie above talks about the travel iron, now I want one!!!!

    Absolutely love this block and the fabrics. I also love the collection of the blacks and blues and think they will be great together. Have a great weekend....Stephanie

  13. Bummer about the iron. We also learned the hard way about not leaving water in the iron. We also learned after going through many, many irons that we need to use purified water in the iron since we have such hard water here.

    I love the block you've chosen to use for your next project and your fabric choices look excellent.


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