Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lesson Learned . . . .

This is Eventide, a pattern designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. The fabric is Luna Notte by 3 Sisters for Moda.

While attending my classes with Carrie this fall, this was one of the many quilts Carrie brought with her, and let me tell you, this is one lovely quilt and a pattern that is on my continually growing To Do list.

What I find most interesting about this pattern, is the red squares set on point and running down each side. I think they add great interest to the quilt, but don't overpower or distract from the small star blocks or secondary pattern of the large stars. Carrie told us that when she was working on this pattern, those red squares were just that, red squares, but she felt the red was too strong, so to tone the color down, she made those squares using plain red fabric and a red print fabric. I thought that was very clever. I would have never thought of using two fabrics, I probably would have just kept looking for that perfect color from one fabric. Luckily for me, now that Carrie has shared this little secret, I don't have to be clever, I just have to remember to give it a try.

And this weekend I did, but not on a quilt.....

This is my snowman Christmas tree, only snowman ornaments or snowman parts (snowflakes and snowballs) adorn this tree. I've been collecting snowman ornaments for at least 14 years, I started with a very small table top tree and look how it's grown. It's a fun tree to decorate and I just love it. Most of the ornaments are gifts from friends and family.

What I didn't love was nothing tying the whole tree together, it was just ornaments hanging on a tree.

This year I bought this snowball garland for the tree, thinking the snowballs would tie the whole concept together,

but the snowballs were distracting, you looked at the garland instead of the ornaments. Remembering how Carrie toned down her red, I toned down my snowballs by mixing in a second garland of smaller snowballs.

And I think that's just what this tree needed! I'm not sure what amazes me more, that I like the looks of two different styles of garland on one tree, or that I actually remembered something from a class that was over 2 months ago!

So is this a lesson that less is more, or more is more, I'm not sure . . . how about a lesson in keep trying until you like what you see.....which is the perfect segue for this....

Here's my Root Beer Float trial block,

the cream fabric on the left was my first choice and did not suit me, the size of and distance between the motifs was too large for the small areas in the block so I'm now thinking about using the fabric on the right. I don't think this is the perfect combination, but I do think I'm getting there.
I do love the star pattern and still think it's a good fit for this fabric, Olde World Style fabric by Monique Dillard for Maywood.

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'm on the brink of something wonderfully lovely, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Isn't it amazing when you take a class that even if you learn just one little thing, it is totally worth the price paid? I love the quilt and the red squares coming down the sides really make this quilt work. Love your tree too. So as far as the block goes, what about using both backgrounds, as you did, and then there would be a secondary design that forms throughout the quilt?

  2. I would never have thought of using two different garlands on a tree. Brilliant idea! I just might have to use it next year.....

  3. Your tree is very cute. It's nice to be able to look at ornaments and remember people or things. I like the 2nd background green ties in the outer dark green.

  4. Maybe we should tell ourselves everyday that we are "on the brink of something wonderfully lovely" That sure makes the day seem more exciting! I love the Eventide quilt...hope that makes it to the top of your list!
    And your snowman tree is fabulous!

  5. The Eventide pattern is a definite for me. I like patterns that reveal something additional after you look at them for a while. The large stars came to me but not immediately. And what is prettier than Luna Notte?

  6. Your tree looks so pretty! Love it. I think Eventide will need to go on my to do list as well!

  7. I have all the fabric ready for Eventide - is the pattern even out yet? I haven't seen it yet (pout). Your snowman tree is so cute, I like what you did with the garland. And your block with Monique's fabrics? Awesome!!! Are you going to use 2 different backgrounds, or was this just an experiment? I really do love the one on the right hand side. Looking at just the fabric, I would have thought "too busy" but it really works with the size of the stars.

  8. Another wonderful lesson learned!

    Love your snowman, snowball, snowflake tree - adorable.

    Beautiful block!

  9. I love Eventide - that is a must for me for next year.
    I love your sample block - nice contrasts in the fabrics. I think it will be beautiful.

  10. Wow, the change of fabric really does make a difference.

  11. I love the Eventide pattern as well! Your sample block looks great -- I agree with you on the fabric on the right. I love how it ties in the color from the borders, yet still makes the center stars pop.

  12. I love how you pointed out the difference in red fabrics in the first quilt...Carrie is just amazing...she's always so helpful with tips and insights! Love your snowman tree, too! And I always seem to be drawn to many of the same patterns as you...I've got the root beer float pattern on my to do list as well!

  13. Love your tree! It's so fun to take a class and I always learn something!

  14. I love your snowman tree Thelma! What a fun idea! Eventide is a beautiful quilt.. more stars, gotta love them.
    I need your help on another matter... I need a fabulous idea for cupcakes! I need to make some next week for a party. Got any ideas?

  15. Eventide is awesome! I hadn't seen that pattern before. It's beautiful.

  16. Your tree is wonderful! I never knew there were so many snowman ornaments and I'd never seen snowball garlands. How cute! Does Cooper have any interest in the tree or does he ignore it?


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