Friday, December 10, 2010

Not Quite There . . . .

I'm constantly amazed how fabric laying on a shelf looks one way, then when you cut it up, and sew it back together, it looks totally different! And for some reason, I just don't have the gift of looking at it in it's uncut state, and correctly visualizing what it will look like pieced!

So here's the good news, I love this Root Beer Float block, and it fits together perfectly. I was a little worried about that outer sashing lining up correctly around the black star points, but it does, with no fussing or fudging, what a relief!

And, I think I've come up with the perfect combination for my green block.

But the red block, now that's another matter entirely...

This is what I originally thought I wanted.....but it's just too bold for me, and I like red, I can't image what someone who doesn't like red thinks when they see this block.

After playing with the different pieces I hit on this combination.

The only red fabric that I kept was the center star. All the other combinations looked too bold and overwhelmed the pretty green star block. Which has got me to thinking, maybe I'll just make all the blocks green, maybe this quilt was meant to be green....but you know me and red, I'm not sure I can stick with 9 green star blocks....maybe just one red one, in the middle.

Luckily, I don't have to decide right away, I can just make all the green blocks and go from there, something I'll be working on this weekend.

We're in for a weekend of freezing rain, snow and frigid temperatures, more like February weather than early December weather for these parts, but perfect weather for making a big pot of beef stew, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, and long as we don't lose power!! Here's to hoping I have a design wall full of pretty Root Beer Float blocks come Monday morning!


  1. I love the combo of the red and the green. Although, I am sure this will be an all year round quilt, it will be perfect for the holiday season!

  2. I love the green block with the red about a red block with a green star? It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

  3. Oh dear...I know the dilemma...The first green blocks does rock and the second choice with the red rocks too but that still leaves alotta green and not enough red for me and you know I love red as much as you!
    What if you made the four outer corner squares red too? on all the blocks, with red star in one and green star in next.

  4. Your posts always get me to think!

    I like red block but what I notice in it is the darker fabric points. I love the green with the red star. What do you think about a red sashing fabric on this block? Looking forward to what you come up with because it's always good!

  5. Love them all! I especially like the background fabrics you're using.

  6. I love the red block. But, I can see how it might not work with the green - and the green is beautiful.

    You could make a red quilt like that, and it wouldn't be overpowering if they were all red. I love that pattern. I've got to get it.

  7. I love all the blocks! It's going to be beautiful, Thelma.

  8. Hmmmm. I'd make more red blocks, and I bet they will be fine jusxaposed against the green ones. Remember the rule: if something sticks out, add more and it will work!

  9. Jusxaposed? You know what I mean. It's still early here in California.

  10. Thelma, I adore the green block, I liked the red one too, but not as much. Just wondered, did you try a white star in the center of the red one??? Maybe it would soften it a bit for you. Not sure, I'm not the greatest at color selection. No matter what you decide, I know it will be beautiful. Hugs...

  11. I love star blocks and that one is especially beautiful. I wouldn't count out the red one just yet... it might add some interest when playing with all the blocks together. I hope you stay warm and the electricity stays on this weekend! I remember having to pull the dining table in front of the woodburning stove/skylight above just to have light and warmth... I could still cut fabric, even with the electricity out!

  12. Ok, so this pattern is not gonna scare me? i'v read it, and when I got to those funny points, umm, well, I had second thoughts! lol


  13. I like all three blocks. If there's some you don't like as much, that just makes the others sparkle all that much more.

    Good luck this weekend. I love being "stormed in". Pot of soup on the stove, curled up on the couch with a quilt, a cat and a good book. In between sessions in the sewing room, of course.

    This weekend is the Santa Train. I don't expect to get much sewing done tomorrow. But Sunday's a free day so far...

  14. oh I love these blocks
    and of course the last one I like best too!
    isnt it funny how fabric can change the look of a block
    this was a great post, loved seeing the different blocks

  15. I finally learned that I cannot leave comments on this type format if I'm browsing with Foxfire. I changed to Safari and now, whoop-de-do, I can leave comments on your blog. BTW, I love your blocks.

  16. I like the second red with the centre star in red. I am a firm believer that every quilt needs at least a little red!

  17. I think a mixture of green and green with read would make a beautiful quilt. Where did you get the pattern for this block?

  18. i LIKE the red and green block ... but i LOVE the green block
    and i will stayed tuned to find out
    what will Thelma do?!?

  19. Love the variations. At Quilt Festival a lady asked me to design my Whimsy Lane quilt ( an all black and white quilt ) with just red for the flower centers and flange. This reminded me of that. It's what makes the 'quilting world' go round and round. Us crazy ladies and all of our great ideas.
    Have a Happy Christmas season friend!


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