Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow . . . .

One goal that I was able to accomplish for 2010 . . . . .

my Belle Meade half square triangle units!!

Here they are, not coming close to filling this basket, setting in the snow.

I even made 50 extra,
for a total of 706,
because I'm an over cutter,
and like choices,
and really loved making them!

Making these units in advance, for Belle Meade, could not have worked out better. There were more than a few days, especially in the last 2 weeks, where I would maybe squeeze out enough time to make 5, but they sure added up. And sometimes, just making 5 units, was all I needed to get my sewing fix, feel like I accomplished something, and then tackle something else on my Holiday To Do list.

The next time I have a project with what seems like an overwhelmingly number of small pieces and parts, I hope I'll be able to break it down over time, because that seemed to change a task that sounded tedious, monotonous, and tiresome into fun! Really, give it a try sometime!

We got snow for Christmas . . .

I sure hope snow didn't interfere with your holiday plans, at our house, it was just what we wanted . . .

and we made the most of it.

But now that Christmas is over, I'm over getting anymore snow!

Spring can come anytime now!

I tried to get a good Christmas 2010 picture of Cooper,
but he was not in the mood for it

At first he refused to even look at the camera,

And then, when I finally DID get him to look at me,

this is the face I got . . I have no idea why!

Don't feel sorry for Cooper, Santa took pity on him,

and put a nice new bone in his stocking.

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone......I enjoyed every minute, I hope yours was wonderful too.


  1. Oh goodie, now you're all ready to put Belle Meade together...that's the really fun part. Cooper is so darn cute...that look on his face just cracks me up...he looks like he's saying "Can you even believe she has this wreath around my neck? And she wants me to be happy!" Oh our fur kids sure bring us a lot of joy!

  2. I just stumbled apon your blog and I will be subscribing toot sweet butin the mean time I have to say Cooper is just so cute and that face!!!! Cuter than a cupcake any day! Snow for Christmas too - lucky you - I am in No Snow Sydney and let me tell you I would have just loved some snow. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I hope you had wonderful Xmas. The snow is so pretty but not very inciting since I know how cold it has to be for it to snow. Not that Texas has been warm these few days but I just remember my years in New Hampshire to stifle the complaints that jump to my lips! LOL! Cooper appears to have very little interest in the photo session. Maybe he is dreaming of romping in the snow again? He is too cute! I had not gotten around to comment on your quilting efforts lately but I was thinking you are a very industrious quilter. I would like to make 12 quilts next year. Maybe I will take pointers from you. Good luck on Belle Meade.

  4. Poor Cooper LOL! The look says it all btw! Pink huh, who'd a thought LOL! Does that make you a closet Pinker? Sweet tree and ornies Thelma!

  5. Coopers face reads "Are you kidding me?" to me. He's a cutie!

  6. He looks so embarrassed, Thelma. How could you do that to a guy?
    So glad your Christmas was a good one, and congrats on finishing up your hsts! I have a way to go.
    We saw True Grit yesterday and I really enjoyed it, but my goodness, it was sort of graphic, wasn't it? You were right about the flowery language--it was fun to listen to.

  7. I love the idea of breaking an overwhelming task down to "bite-sized" pieces. I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.

  8. hi cute is your dog?????????????? what breed is he exactly?
    we had a wonderful glad you did too..happy new year to you and yours..

  9. Thelma,
    Cooper is adorable!!! Please give him a big hug for me :) We had snow too ... my first White Christmas.
    You are an over achiever and accomplish so much. I still think you sew in your sleep!
    I can't wait to see your first finished quilt for the New Year!
    I love your pink tree in the last post!

  10. Gotta love that face! I can just hear him ... "You've got to be kidding me!" Your Christmas sound wonderful! Making a snow angel on Christmas morning is on my bucket list! Happy New Year!


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