Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Tour - Day Three

So it's day three of the book tour, where I'm blogging about Monique Dillard's newest book, "Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts" Just in case this is your first visit, I chose to make Pyramid and am using Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.

I decided to go with 5 blocks across by 5 blocks down. I'm going through a square quilt phase.

And here's all the blocks connected.

Tomorrow I'll share the final picture where the border has been added. It makes a huge difference and really brings the whole quilt to life.

I've enjoyed reading all the comments you've been leaving. I am so inspired by the quilters with jobs, kids, classes, other hobbies, and all manner of distractions who still manage to find time to sew. Although the time and situations differ for each quilter, we're all the same in one regard, we try to squeeze in the most sewing with whatever time we do get. Oh and for you folks who can't wait to retire so you can sew 40 hours a week, I thought the same thing, you'll be so surprised how fast your day flies by, and not in front of your machine.

Since this seems to be such a popular book I'm happy to be able to give another book away for today's post. To be eligible to win another chance at another book just let me know how much time you spend on your computer each week for quilting. Time spent reading blogs, checking out Pinterest, updating your own blog, shopping, and checking and responding to email.

I try to limit myself to around 10 hours a week, but every now and then I sit down for hours at a stretch just to get caught up. I am easily able to keep up with reading my comments that are routed to my phone. It's nice to have conversations with quilters all day long. I think my time on the computer is time well spent, my confidence, creativity, and enjoyment for quilting have immeasurably increased since I started blogging.

- Contest now closed - 

If you not done so, you can also still leave a comment on Day One and Day Two posts for other chances to win.

Two other folks are participating in the book tour today,

Monique has a tutorial and is giving away a book and some rulers, I'm sure Denise has something great going on too, don't miss out!

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