Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thread Results . . . .

How was your weekend, mine raced by!

I learned so much about thread through all your comments, thanks for all the interesting feedback. For example, your bobbin will hold more of the thinner thread, but that can also impact the width of your seam allowance! Also, if you are having problems with your machine, it may not be the machine, it may be the thread!

Most folks give no thought to their thread and use the brand of thread carried by their local quilt shop. (that's me!)

So here are the results of my oh so unscientific thread test

sewing machine after using one full bobbin, other thread.

Sewing machine after using one full bobbin of Superior Thread's Master Piece thread by Alex Anderson.

I would say there is a difference. Additionally, the bobbin held more of the Superior thread, so more thread was run through the machine.

And now for the winner

Anita from Florida said,

"I usually use Gutterman....but have tried Auriful and lately Essentials."

Congratulations Anita, send me your address and I'll get this thread in the mail to you!


  1. Certain threads fuzz a lot for me too. I always pull everything apart and clean when I change bobbins. Its a pain, but I hate thinking about dust bunnies in there. LOL Congrat's to Anita in FL!

  2. Congrats to Anita - thanks for showing this test on the thread - can't say it enough - cheap thread is not good for your machine. Bernina repairman took a picture of the insides of my machine, and said it could have caught fire because of the lint - I switched and LOVE the Masterpiece cones and use only grey and off white. I believe the Star thread and the thread from Connecting Threads may be the worse offenders. Judy C

  3. Thanks for the results of your experiment! LOL, "Thank you teacher Thelma!" I use Gutterman also, will have to look for the superior Masterpiece.

  4. I'm a thread FREAK. I can attest that there is a difference between brands and size. When I started off I gave it zero thought. Then someone suggested a 60wt cotton thread for piecing and I was amazed at how much better my piecing turned out with the thinner thread. The seams didn't roll as much.


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