Thursday, March 22, 2012

T is for . . . .

Time to work on the March Schnibbles . . .

Since this pattern is really "T Stands for Thelma" I figured I should make my top out of, what else, reds! This is my red scrap bin,

and this is how full it WAS!

And this is how full it isn't!

I was able to cut all the pieces I need for my project from that scrap bin. In some instances I only had a piece big enough for the border, but that's OK with me, some of those little pieces are all I had left of some of my favorite reds. Looking at this quilt will be like looking at all the red quilts I've made so far.

I'm using TheAngler 2 for this project, so I don't have to draw the lines on the back of all those squares.

It's going fast.

I've seen three finished "T Stands for Thelma" projects online so far. This is an easy project, you still have plenty of time to make the parade. Nicole made hers in a day!

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