Monday, October 15, 2012

BOM Rehab . . .

I made another block for my Memories of Provence BOM.  I only have 4 more focus blocks to go.

I was perfectly happy with this block and made no changes at all.  It went together very quickly, it's just a few flying geese with some hsts.

It's block number 10 and has 57 pieces.

Thanks Sinta for hosting the BOM Rehab.  I would not have made this block this week if you were not hosting your sew-along.

Calling all Spools projects, finished and not . . .

Remember this Summer how Nicole, Lisa and I decided to make Spools projects, and how we thought it would be fun to have other quilters sew along with us, and how we promised to have a parade and prizes?  Well we almost didn't remember! But then we did.  The parade will be this week.

I've got projects from the following folks so they are in the parade for sure:

Sherri - A Quilting Life
Sinta - Pink PIn Cushion
Sue - Cozy Little Quilts
Cathy - Quilting on Main St
Annette - Sunshine Yellow
Darlene - Quilting Daze
Sally - Chocolate Chip Addict

If your name is not on the list and you've started or finished your Spools project, drop me or Nicole a note with a picture ( you don't need a blog to participate) or a link to your blog.  And be on the lookout for a Spools parade, this week!

I was out of town over the weekend and am behind on my email.  My favorite father-in-law turned 92 and we celebrated with a family reunion of sorts.  It could not have been any nicer.

I think my Bloggers List is back, but it looks shorter to me, did you notice anyone missing from my list?  


  1. I love the colours in these blocks Thelma. And I am very impressed with how well you have lined the print up - whether by accident or design, it looks very professional! Can't wait to see this one in all its glory x

  2. The fussy cut center on this one is absolutely perfect. 57 pieces - it's amazing how quickly they add up! I'm looking forward to seeing the spools parade - they all look so different. I used to be on your blog list and don't seem to be there now.

  3. Your block is so lovely! The only blog I notice on your list that is missing is mine--but then I don't think you had it up before, so I'm just teasing.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the spool quilts! I know that parades take a bit of work so thanks for putting it on!

  4. Love your block and your fabric choices!

  5. I wouldn't have changed anything either; I think this is my favorite in the bunch:-D

  6. Oooo, I love a parade! Looking forward to it. I need to jump on the BOM Rehab. Your progress is phenomenal.

    Moda Lissa, and Minnick and Simpson are missing. Trends and Traditions too.

    1. Sue Garman is missing too.

  7. I finished mine, but don't remember which one of you I told...

  8. love your new banner on top and of course the block is so beautiful....I am finally back to blogging. would love to be back on your 'favourites' list ;)

  9. I love celebrating birthdays... and how wonderful to be 92! I would have sent him a card!!!
    A parade of Spools??? I did forget. Lucky for me that you have mine. I don't even have to check it off the list!

    I noticed your list was gone... but thought you might still be revamping your blog... which is gorgeous by the way!

  10. Oh Thelma - my name is missing. Can you put me back on? Thanks.

  11. I'm missing, too, Thelma! I've been dilatory but am getting back to blogging now that I have cleared some work issues!

  12. I don't see Stella Bella, Warp & Weft, Fig Tree or fat Cat quilts on the Blog List. I like the moon and star block on the Halloween quilt - what's not to like? This block fits right in with the quirky look of the quilt.


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