Monday, October 8, 2012

No BOM Rehab . . .

I just couldn't talk myself into stealing time away from 1904 to make a Memories of Provence block for Sinta's BOM Rehab!  I usually enjoy a change of pace during the week, but this week I'm still in that all consuming "new project love" phase, I'm sure it will pass and I'll be in that "I don't think I like this anymore" phase very soon and will get back to MoP.  My poor quilts, my emotions run hot hot hot to luke warm to cold to back to hot.  I almost always end on the love side of things so it all works out, it's just getting there that's sometimes hard on both of us.

But I'm still in love and here is why.  So far I'm sticking with my plan to make one entire block at a time so I can pick out all the colors to get the absolute best possible combination.  I'm making the blocks with the black stars first, I have no explanation for doing it this way, I just looked at the pattern and thought I would start with the black stars, maybe because there were fewer of them.

So here's my second block.

here's my third block!

Here they are all together.

See why I'm still in love!

Nicole is making 1904 too.  We both started with the same kit but have added and taken away a few of the pieces of fabric and have different approaches to the quilt assembly.  I can hardly wait to see how they both look when we're done.


  1. You are making great progress and I just love these blocks ! Your stars look wonderful ! Looks like you are having fun with this quilt !

  2. I love the black edges and orange centers. They provide such a strong contrast. I played around with my stars this weekend. I took the applique pattern and broke it down the crazy star way to get the templates. I need to make a block to test it. These pictures are definitely serving as inspiration!

  3. Looking wonderful so far. But then again I love everything you make.

  4. It is fun to see the different approach you and Nicole are taking with the same pattern. So far, SO GOOD!

  5. This is such a wonderful pattern! I love this quilt! I don't blame you for just staying with it... rehab can wait!

  6. Haha! It's a fun quilt - easy to see how it stole your attention away. :D

  7. I LOVE your blocks...makes me want to start another BOM


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