Monday, October 1, 2012

BOM Rehab, MoP Block 5 . .

Can you believe it's October 1st?  Forget about where did September go, where has this year gone?

One thing that has gone well for me this year is participating in Sinta's BOM Rehab.  I finished Northern Lights this summer, a quilt I for sure would not have worked on without Sinta's sew-along, and now I'm a nut about making at least one Memories of Provence block a week, all it takes is one block and in you're in.  It was close this week, I got up early Sunday just to piece my one block.

I have 6 of the 12 focus blocks pieced.  However I skipped blocks 4 and 5, they just didn't suit me.

Since I was running short on time I looked through the remaining blocks, wanting to piece the one that looked the easiest and had the fewest number of pieces.  That was block 5.  So I decided to go ahead and make the block, maybe it would look better to me in person than in the picture.

Here it is.  The problem I had with this block before and after I made it, was the lack of background space peeking through the pieces.

My favorite thing about this pattern, beside the yummy fabric, is the unusual blocks, and the amount of background fabric in each block.  I just didn't think Block 5 had the same look as the rest of the blocks.

Here are the first 6 blocks I've pieced, what do you think, was I being too picky?

So after I got all the main pieces on my design wall I started playing around with it.  First thing I did was to remove the black  hst from the corners of the red star block.

That gave me more white space, which I liked, but made the flying geese look sort of just out there, I didn't think the block flowed.

So then I tried rotating the green and black flying geese 180 degrees.

I liked this better, no more white space but a nicer flow, but I still felt the black sky on those geese units just stuck out.

So I put the black corner back in, but this time on the outside of that corner instead of the inside.

This I liked better yet, I liked the flow of the pieces, but not the flow of the colors, I didn't like how the red in the center didn't really flow with the green and the black on the outside of the block.

So I added a little red to the outer corners and called it quits.

Here it is, all pieced.

This is Block Number 5 of Memories of Provence by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts and the 7th focus block I've pieced, 5 more focus blocks to go.  

I made this block because it had fewer pieces, but by the time I got done, this little 12 inch block had 66 pieces, the most so far I think!

Today is Sherri and Sinta 's Schnibbles Parade, although this month's project is not a Schnibbles it's a Bite, and I didn't get mine done, but I've heard it's been a popular project and will be a great parade, so don't miss it.  This month's project is Bounce, I don't intend to miss this project, I want to make my own Bounce. Don't like Bounce, try Hubble/Hubbel, I've made it too, and it's easy peasy and HUGE!  I think it would look great in Halloween, Fall,  or Christmas print.  I hope someone else thinks so too and  something along those lines is in next month's parade.


  1. Ha ha I love it when you get Thelmatising! Your new block looks fab Thelma. I always like the little tweaks you do to make a block just the way you like it. Looks perfect! x

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process. I really enjoy seeing the different versions this block went through.

  3. Your eye is amazing. I haven't been that analytical when I sew. But I spend enough time and money on my quilts that I think I should be more particular.This is shaping up to be another one of your stunning quilts.

  4. That was quite a metamorphosis! I have to admit though that you did a great job of trying all the options and finding the perfect solution. This is going to be a wonderful quilt.
    Bring on the parade!

  5. I liked it before, but after, even better! Can't go wrong with a touch more red:-D BTW--send me your mailing address 'cause you have won September's Give-Away Apron with the Red Poppies. I had a big smile when my hubby drew your name out of my wooden bowl; the apron chooses the recipient <3

  6. Thelma, you are so funny! We can always count on you to try all sorts of different variations of your quilt blocks and design. I love what you have ended up with! It will be beautiful when finished.

  7. Lisa and I made a sampler quilt designed by Monique ages ago. We used Chocolat fabric by 3 Sisters, and that quilt has to be one of my favorites. The colors are so perfect for my living room I keep it out all the time. The fun thing about a sampler quilt is, just as you say, making the different blocks and putting together the fabric combinations. It is your quilt and you can do it anyway that you please! You will be so happy with this quilt when you finish it!

  8. Great post Thelma! Your blocks are beautiful and I don't think I would have thought twice about the layout but when you show your process, I couldn't agree more. I love the way the block looks. It comes together much better over all. (I have to get my post up so you can add it to the REhab! I'm slow this morning!

  9. Every time I would schroll down to see the next block I would like it... then you changed it... and I liked it. And again, and I liked it... and the final change, I loved it! The red in the outer corners just did it!

  10. I have to admit that I liked every version of the block. I really enjoyed reading about your process, what your evaluations were, how you created solutions to each thing you didn't love and made it your own.

  11. I think I liked all the ways you changed the block...great job...I also liked the red in the corners. Have a great day!!

  12. This was so interesting-- and you ended with such a fabulous block!

  13. That's so funny cuz I changed that block too in that quilt. I'm up to block #9 I'm doing them in order, it's an exercise in discipline for me for sure!


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