Friday, October 19, 2012

Hallowe'en 1904 Update . . .

Before I get to Hallowe'en 1904, yesterday I left Cindy's quilt out of the parade, after Cindy let me know her quilt was no where to be found, I added it to the post.  But for you folks who stop by everyday, and missed Cindy's quilt, here it is again, I think it deserves double billing! (Cindy I'm so sorry!!!)

Cindy's adorable, summery quilt  just got home from the quilter.

Here's what Cindy had to say about her Spools, "This quilt represented a lot of firsts for me.  It was the first time I used a Thimble Blossoms pattern and the first time I purchased a pdf pattern.  It was also the first time I used a coordinated line of fabric (Pam Kitty Morning), the first time I purchased fabric that wasn't on sale, and the first time I ordered from Shabby Fabrics.  Most importantly, this was the first time I started and finished a project so quickly (just over a week)."

Great job all around Cindy!

Also, I've heard my Star quilt that was beautifully quilted by Judi Madsen is at the Machine Quilters Expo in Portland Oregon with a ribbon on it! If you're attending that show would you please take a picture for me?  THANKS! (Life Time Quilt #62)

The Hallowe'en 1904 blocks are all done!

For this block I went with 3 different black and 3 different background fabrics for the hsts. 

Someone asked about the pin on the left hand side of all my blocks.  That pin identifies where each block goes in the layout.  This is block 15.  I identify each block because I've not pieced them in order, and after going to the trouble to select a specific combination of fabric for a specific block, I want to make sure that block ends up right where it's supposed to.

I also got all the hsts on my remaining blocks.  The hsts are scrappy for these blocks, scrappy black and scrappy background.

Do you like that moon and star block any better with the border added?  I'm still on the fence.

My pumpkin blocks are my favorite blocks!

So now I just need to make up my mind about that one block, whose popularity is fading each time I blog about it,  connect all the blocks and add a border.  It's looking good for a finish next week.

Spools-Along Sew-Along winners.  Annette and Cathy each won 2 charm packs for participating in the sew-along.  Thanks again to everyone who participated by sewing along or following along.


  1. I really like the moon and star block. If you include the pumpkin blocks in the photo, you can see that the moon brings in the rounded feel of the pumpkins, and the one star brings in the star blocks, so I see it as a visual marriage (and a happy one) of both blocks.

  2. Two thoughts on the moon. The proportions seem off to me, too chunky. However, if the 1904 in the title is referring to a date, then I think that it is probably meant to have a more primitive look, which it does. A suggestion? If it is going to be pieced with those 3 star blocks, try turning it upside down and putting it in the bottom left corner. If it fits into the quilt some other way, just try turning it upside down. I like my baby moons opening to the right. ???

  3. i do still like the moon just really fun like the whole quilt
    i would like to see the star quilt you are speaking judy quilted of did you blog about it and also did you use only the fabrics in the kit or did you get some somewhere else i got the pattern and need to collect up fabrics for it thankyou sooo much

    1. Diana, I don't have your email address, I hope you check back here for the answers to your questions. The star quilt on display in Portland at the Expo is Lifetime Quilt #62. Regarding the fabric for 1904, I'm using all the kit fabric plus added some background prints, a couple of blacks and 3 oranges.

    2. oh i remember it now i stood in front of it and sent you a picture i look forward to seeing something of yours in padukah next year too

  4. Well, I told you in another post how I would redraw that block (to make it mine) however, JoAnne and Nance both have very good points!! Considering the name of the quilt and the opening of the moon (I like mine also to the right). With both of those in mind, your design wall will be your best judge! Can't wait to see the outcome - this is one case where people without a design wall miss seeing the possiblities. Mine is very small but helps just the same.
    Loved the Thimble quilts, wish I had got into the sew along, but have been wrapped up in gotta dos and Quilts of Valor... a girl can only do so much! Thanks for all your sharing!

  5. I think I would flip the moon so it opens on right side. This is more of an iconic crescent moon. . If it were w dark background with light moon maybe I'd see it as a moon. Could you turn the block up side down take a picture again and let us see. Seriously if it doesn't bother you the creator and owner...who cares what we think!!!

  6. wonderful blocks and I love Cindy's quilt!!

  7. I like the moon. I love the quilt. I have some OCD tendancies though and for some reason the moon looks backwards to me. It is beautiful though.

  8. Cindy's quilt is terrific! Her choice of the PKM fabric is adorable.
    Say bye bye to that moon.

  9. I am still not a fan of the moon. As is I would not use it. But maybe turning it to open on the right would make enough of a difference to be ok in the quilt.

    Love your blog

  10. Each time I have seen a picture of the quilt I have "wondered" about that moon block but decided it was because of the primitive theme. After looking back at your posts, the moon is 100% better with the border added IMHO. Of course my favorite is the cat. Love black cats!

  11. You know my answer...I love the moon as it is! It's like when you hang the American Flag downward and it looks weird because the "Stars" are on the left and you think, why aren't they hanging on the right? (I'm a Navy brat and know exactly how the flag should be displayed.) I also did a little research on the phases of the Moon and this shape symbolizes the Waxing of the Crescent Moon; see it has a purpose:-D

  12. I don't think the moon is up to the standard of the rest of your gorgeous quilt. You could make a much nicer moon yourself, oh, "T" is for Talented Thelma!
    Debbie R.

  13. Turn the moon block around 180 degrees so it looks like a C and I'm sure you'll like it better.


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