Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogger Girls BOM . . . .

It's February 1st!

Instead of the saying the first of each month, "where did last month go", and at the end of the year, "where did this year go!" I decided to do a little summary of where my month did go, maybe that will help me be more appreciative of what I did accomplish during the year.

So during the month of January I packed up my Christmas decorations, took trips to Las Vegas and California, finished my 100th quilt, started my 101st quilt, started a little side project,  made my Blogger Girl BOM blocks and got a root canal. A very productive month!  

Speaking of Blogger Girl BOM, here are my blocks for month two,

version one

and version two

Of all the quilt blocks in all the world this is my least favorite block.  I think it looks like a robot head. I replaced this block in my last BOM project. I'm keeping these blocks for now, maybe they won't look so robotic when they're in the quilt with all the other lovely blocks.  

And here are all my finished blocks.

My fabric is Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda.  Memo to self, next month use no red!

Check out Monique's blog, Open Gate Quilts, for instructions on downloading block two pattern directions.

Also, check out these blogs for some more versions of Block Two.

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Here's a link to the Flickr account for you to show off your blocks and see everyone else's blocks.

Thanks to all for the lovely comments and congratulations on completing my 100th quilt.  As you probably assumed, my 100th quilt wasn't exactly what I thought it would be when I started, and I was Ok with where I ended, but I felt really good about it after reading your supportive comments, thanks so very very much!


  1. Ha ha robot head. Thelma, you are a hoot! I missed your 100th quilt post, so I'm going to go back and look for it. I'm sure it is a stunner, like usual, and 100 quilts! That's a real accomplishment!

  2. Iam loving these blocks and they look good together....can't see where the ones look like a robot head and think they are perfect for the quilt. I keep going through your first "100" quilts and keep saying I want to make this one and that one....will be sewing for the next several years and won't ever get them all done.

  3. Your blocks are fabulous!!
    Have a nice weekend. :0)

  4. everfytime I look at this block I will think of you! I think is is wonderful and I love your fabrics, especially the red!

  5. i guess your work here is done cuz i cannot look at that block and NOT think, "Danger, Will Robinson!" ... and, now that you mention it, i DO remember thinking the same thing the last time you made the same block and said that it looked like a robot head ... but with my short term memory, i'm sure i will have forgotten by the end of the day ... love that Sweetwater fabric!

  6. You were a busy beaver in January. nothing like kicking off the year with a bang.
    I think this block looks best when it's in a quilt that has them side by side. I believe the secondary pattern it creates is what really makes this block.
    I was shocked when you said no red in the next set. I was "What? but red is a neutral.... you have to have red!" lol. I have that sweet water line and I love it. I have not found a pattern worthy of it yet. I almost tried a lone star with it but all I have is a FE and wasn't enough for what I have in mind.
    Anyway, I think I need a January recap post. I think it will help get me up to date. I finished 2 quilts in January so I am excited. Still not close to your 100 but I hope to get there before I die! LOL!

  7. How exciting it must have been to complete your 100th quilt! Wish I'd kept track of which one was mine. Just found your blog and love it!

  8. I love the new blocks and can't wait to see the project come together--is this Quilt 101! Happy February 1st, XOXO

  9. I love your blocks and fabric choices! They are looking great. Can't wait to get mine done!

  10. Your blocks look great! It is fun watching how everyone's are turning out! I need to carve out some time to jump in. It's on my bucket list! ;o)

  11. Thelma, I am doing the Blogger Girls BOM. I have to say that "I WANT YOUR QUILT"!!! :) I just love all the Sweetwater lines and your quilt is going to be beautiful!! I am using some red, white and blues I had in my stash. Haven't made Feb block yet...I really hope I am going to like my finished quilt; some of the other blocks are so very pretty and have great color combinations! Thanks for sharing your photos, can't wait to see your finished quilt!!

  12. I love your Sweetwater blocks - I agree in your BOM-a-long last year the block you chose to replace did look like a robot head but seeing these 2 set on point they are not screaming "robot" at me like the other one did. Especially the one with the hourglass centre - it just looks like lots of arrows pointing to the spot! As ever your points are perfect and I can't wait to see how this Blogger BOM turns out. I am staying tuned in the Flickr group!

  13. You're sooo funny! Don't say no need a little...oh oh I think you converted me to a red lover :)

  14. I love your blocks! I would have never thought of robot heads but now that you say it...I'm afraid to go back and look at mine!


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