Friday, September 4, 2009

Are you ready for some football.....

The 2009/2010 college football season officially kicked off last night. That reminded me of quilt #34, titled USC vs UCLA.

My daughter, born and raised in the midwest, chose to attend college at the University of Southern California in the heart of Los Angeles. Yes, you read that correctly, my one and only child chose to attend college 1800 miles away from home and her mama. I still try not to take it personally. She graduated with honors and has created of very successful and happy life for herself out there. Her father and I could not be more proud.

Like most lovely young ladies, she has a boyfriend. The boyfriend graduated from UCLA. There seems to be a very strong rivalry between these two schools. For Christmas last year I made my daughter and the boyfriend a USC vs UCLA throw.

USC's colors are cardinal red and gold.

UCLA's colors are blue and gold

I got really lucky with both schools using gold.

Using Teri Christopherson's book "Mad about Plaid" as an inspiration, I came up with this.

See how the two schools "fight it out" in the middle?

I used plain white minkee for the backing to make it snuggle worthy while watching all those USC/UCLA games.

The quilting is an overall swirl pattern with red thread on the USC side and blue thread on the UCLA side.

I have made 3 quilts from the techniques I learned in this book.

Here are two of my favorites from this book, Stripes and Scottish Plaid.

I will post pictures of the other 2 plaid quilts I made next week.

Here's a picture of Cooper, at 8 weeks, breaking in the throw before it headed out to California. ( what keeps me from missing that warm little cuddly body is remembering that it was December, and he wasn't house broken yet.)

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend all!


  1. That is just so clever! I have seen that book, Mad About Plaid, but don't own it. I had better check it out, now that I have seen what you have done from it!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog - your quilts are gorgeous! I love the bears paw and the red quilt! Wonderful... Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You are a very clever one, you are!!

  4. Those plaid quilts are rather spectacular looking. Very pretty.


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