Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilt #50 - Eat More Pie.....

Also known as....September Schnibbles! (A Year of Schnibbles)

Yes really, this is "Winter White". Don't recognize it? Look real close. I just added one more block to the width, three blocks to the length, and used 6 1/2 inch blocks in place of the 3 1/2 inch corner blocks. Plus I went heavy on dark toned fabrics, used no medium toned fabrics and just barely added any light toned fabrics. See it now? I know, it does have quite a bit going on.

Each time I finish a quilt I write down the lessons learned in a little journal. Before I start a new project I review my list. Like the time when I finished a quilt and noticed for the first time that it was 91" x 118". I wrote this in my journal, "Pay attention to finished size before starting". (ya think!!) Well let me tell you, I wrote several things down in my Lessons Learned Journal for this top.

Like, "mull fabric choices over before cutting and sewing". Before I even saw the Schnibbles pattern I knew I was using Gobble, Gobble by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I had bought the fabric without a pattern in mind and was really eager to use it. I love this family of fabric but it is made up of light and dark fabrics. Not much in the way of mediums. I think "Winter White" really needs darks, lights and mediums. Also, Gobble Gobble has large designs, fabric with a smaller pattern may have been better.

There's also this, "Be Open Minded" I must have worked on 10 different color combinations (see Schnibbles N Bits Post) and while I did come up with some good combos, I didn't like the one that looked the best, the one that was the best use of fabric, instead I went with what I liked best. I'm not sure that was the way go, I was just not open to the better combination.

Also wrote, "Don't Be Inflexible". I was making this top to go over the back of this love seat. I chose the size based on this love seat, the colors based on this love seat.

This is the view from my kitchen sink. While I do really like the quilt (another blog for another day) that is currently on the love seat, I was really wanting something with more of a fall flair for a change of pace.

Here's "Eat More Pie" on the back of the love seat, the quilt I made just for this love seat. I don't think the love seat loves it. Is it the orange, the red...the size, I just don't know.
Doesn't it look happy here? Yeah!! At least it has a home! But I made it for the love seat!! That's OK, it's my first Schnibbles, I'll always love it.

This is the back

And this is why it is named "Eat More Pie".

Pie is my favorite food, chicken pot pie, coconut cream pie, cherry pie, pizza pie...I love pie.

This is the leftover fabric. Look at all those flying geese, 6 1/2 inch cut squares, 3 1/2 inch cut squares....all waiting for something. I think they may be waiting for awhile.

All put away for another day........ like maybe October 1, when I get the new Schnibble Pattern. Maybe I'll do "A Year of Schnibble Gobble Gobble" !


  1. Well, I'm not yet confident in choosing colors so I certainly can't say this would have worked better or that would have worked better but I gotta tell ya...I LOVE the quilt. I love the colors, the contrast between the lights and darks is striking (to my eyes and heart...I always look at my quilts with my heart too if that makes sense, I can't explain it any better) but...back to your schnibbles on the love seat. I thought it was perfect there. I'm confused and trying to figure out why you aren't happy with it, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. I think it is absolutely beautiful and the colors...well, the colors are my favorites. It doesn't matter what season of the year, I always migrate to either the brights, or (and more often) the fall selections. So I guess I'm also a little biased concerning the color choices...they would have been mine too.

  2. Love the quilt! I love the fall colors. It really compliments your loveseat. You are so organized! If I was only half as organized as you are.
    Again gorgeous quilt!

  3. I'm impressed.....AGAIN! You never fail to amaze me! I think your quilt is perfect.... You came up with the best solution!

  4. I love the quilt too. I think I can see why you think your love seat doesn't love it. It may be a little too big for it and the colors match the love seat so well that they blend with the love seat and it's hard to see where the quilt ends and the love seat begins (at least in the photo). It's still a beautiful quilt and the railing is a nice way to display it. I love the "Eat more pie" panel.

  5. It turned out amazing, Thelma! I love it! But I agree, the other quilt looks better against the red loveseat, because it's more of a contrast. That's a beautiful quilt, too. I'll be waiting anxiously to hear the details of that quilt. Yummy! LOL about your year of Gobble Gobble!

  6. Wonderful quilt! I like the idea of a Lessons Learned Journal.

  7. I love your creativity. You made this project fun and all your own. It looks great!

  8. Very cute. I love that you made it larger!

  9. I love your Schnibbles, your blog, and your dog. AND the fact that you drink your coffee out of a Christmas mug! I like the quilt on the railing (I used to have one-the railing- like that and I miss it so!)better than the loveseat, too.

  10. It's beautiful. I love that you added the applique. Since fall is my favorite season I really think that is a wonderfully creative way to do two projects at once.

  11. That is fantastic! You transformed the pattern and made it your own. Love what you did!

  12. Wonderful, love very much your version ! Hugs from France

  13. I love Eat More Pie... I think this is my favorite of all of the Schnibbles so far... including mine.

  14. I love what you did with the Schnibbles's just wonderful. I love it hanging on the railing!

  15. I didn't even recognize it was Schnibbles until I read on. I love how you've displayed it all over your house...wonderful show quilt!


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