Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come on in.........

Welcome to what I think is the happiest place on earth, my sewing room.  (Sorry Disneyland, but you're second)

I was waiting to take pictures when my room was neat and tidy, but then I figured after 17 posts that we were friends, and who cleans for friends?  Also, it would be a long wait for neat and tidy.

I always enjoy the articles in magazines where a designer's studio is pictured.  I guess I just like peeking into someone else's life.  Well here's my life....or at least my sewing life.

As you enter the room this wall is to your left, or the east wall.  As you can see this cabinet holds my quilt books and patterns.  I file my patterns in the binders so I can organize them by type.  Two binders for the "sometime in the future" patterns, one binder for the "sooner rather than later" patterns and one binder for the "been there done that" patterns.

The basket top left is storing my Morris Workshop Fabric.  I like it close by where I can look at it anytime I want.

The middle two shelves I use for storing anything relating to the project I am currently working on.  If you look real close you can see my Schnibbles directions and my legal pad where I double checked the math.  I just love double checking math, it's the accountant in me.

The flowered hat box on the bottom shelf was a Mothers Day present, that thing must be over 15 years old, but I love it.  I store my thread in there so it doesn't get damaged by the sun.  I've never read where setting out thread is a bad thing, I just imagine that it is, so I hide it.  The pink bag hanging on the wall to the left of the cabinet is also a gift from my daughter.  I like to carry it when I go to quilt shops.

These rods next to the cabinet hold fabric that I'm working with for my current project.  Once I press a fabric I store it on the rods so I don't have to press it again.  They are also handy when you are working on a pattern that uses strips.  The strips just hang there all pretty while they wait their turn.

This is where the action is...this is the Horn hydraulic sewing table.  It deserves its own post but I will say this, I would give up every other sewing item I own before I would give up this table.  It makes my sewing life so much easier.  I raise and lower it all day long, cutting - it goes up, sewing - it goes down.  It even has a drink holder, see the water bottle in the bottom of the picture!

I parked my table in front of this window for light,  but I sure enjoy watching it snow from this window in the winter.  It faces south.
This is my design wall. I hang gray fleece fabric that I got from Walmart over my first quilt.  As a design wall it works perfect and I like to think having it cover my quilt keeps it from fading.  It's on the west wall.

My ironing board is in front of the closet on the north wall.  (We're going to have to get to know each other a whole lot better before I let you peek in my closet.  That closet probably holds a weeks worth of posts! I think I'm the only one who has ever seen the inside of this closet.  Right now, I would post a picture of me in a bathing suit before I would post pictures of the inside of this closet)  I use the "Big Board" for my ironing board.  Santa brought it a couple of years ago, I must have been a very good girl that year.

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed your tour.  If you've posted pictures of your sewing room send me a link, I would love to see it!

Housekeeping items:
1.  My September Schibbles has 12 rows, today I finished five more so I'm up to seven finished rows.  The more rows I finish the better I like it.
2.  Leave a comment on yesterday's post if you would like the opportunity to own the Judy Niemeyer pattern, "The Feathered Goose".


  1. Okay, Lady - your sewing room is impossibly neat. I take issue with that! :)
    I loved your beautiful quilt yesterday, but don't want to win the pattern because I know I will never get around to making it. It's one lucky person that has that quilt you made, though!

  2. Your room is not messy and neither is that closet. More Cooper pics!

  3. Your sewing room is so organized and tidy! It would be a pleasure to spend a day in there sewing. I love the rods you have up to hold your fabric for your current project.
    I am so excited about my Winter White Schnibbles project! I hope to get mine done this week.

  4. I love looking at other poeple's sewing rooms. It's the equivalent of sneaking a peak into your BFF's closet and coveting all her clothes when you're in high school. I've been wanting to do a post on my sewing room also, but didn't want to until I cleaned it up. Now you've inspired me. We're all friends here, right? What's a little mess between friends? If only it was a little mess...

    Your fall fabrics on your cutting table are so warm and inviting. Is that from your Schnibbles project?


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