Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few Good Snowmen........

I'm still squeezing in time on "Oh Christmas Tree", I'm not going to meet my first goal of having it pieced by Christmas Eve, but there's still hope for New Years Eve. I'll post a picture on Christmas Eve of my latest progress.

So while I was home, and family members were opening their quilts, look what I opened,

Cookie jar # 18, I like the ornaments on the tree plus her pink stocking hat and pink buttons!

And cookie jar #19! I think I'll leave this one out through February, it doesn't shout "Christmas".

And another ornament for my snowman tree, doesn't she look like she would be friends with the snowlady wearing the red coat, what a great Christmas purse.

Speaking of trees, here's the family room Christmas tree. It has multicolored lights and icicles.

It has our oldest collection of ornaments, I love them all.

Here's a baby carriage some special friends gave us for my daughter's first Christmas.

Here's an ornament my daughter made in school, yes those are painted macaronis on a paper plate. It must have been a tight budget year for the art class. It sure has held up well, it's over 20 years old.


  1. Adorable new cookie jars - gotta love those men - SNOWmen. LOL

    BTW, the quilts for your family members are beautiful.

  2. So adorable! And the tree with the old ornaments reminds me of both my mom's tree and the one my grandma puts out, which has ornaments that are 40+ years old, many homemade

  3. I love snowmen too! The cookie jars and ornament are too cute! Your tree is beautiful as well.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I have enjoyed looking at some of your holiday themed posts! Lots of snowmen.

  5. The best part about decorating is unwrapping all the ornaments and reminiscing about their history. Love your tree and its memories!

  6. Love your new cookie jars...cute as they can be...oh and that snowlady ornament with her red purse...just love her!

  7. Now those cookie jars are so darn cute they make me want to start collecting them! Where on earth do you keep all this stuff when it isn't the holidays? I thought I had a lot of decorations, but you make me look like a miser!
    And let me just say the tree skirt under your family room tree, is gorgeous!

  8. Thelma, OOOOOh, I just love the snowmen, they are just so perfect not just for Christmas but they also make a great winter season decoration. And the ornaments on you family room tree...the baby carriage, the Corvet, the ice skates...looking at them brought back some wonderful memories of Christmas past for me. I can just imagine how special they are to you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing, and for stirring up fond memories for me.

  9. The snowmen cookie jars are adorable. Love the little buttons on #18. I'm glad you have all those old keepsake ornaments still. They're so special. My mother collected ornaments for each of us every year from the year we were born until we moved out. I always keep them snuggly wrapped up in a box. I should get a little tree for the kitchen or something and put them out. Thanks for sharing your home with us. I've really enjoyed it.


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