Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some of This and That . . . . . . .

I'm still decorating for Christmas, I'm hoping to have everything up by Sunday.

In addition to the Christmas Village house collection, I also have a Christmas cookie jar collection. It comes as a total surprise to me, I knew I had a few cookie jars, but when I got them all out of storage and decided to take a group photo for my blog, it was then that I discovered I have what you would call a collection.

Here's the guy that started it all. My folks gave me my first cookie jar for Christmas over 10 years ago. Doesn't this Santa have a happy face? When it comes to Santas, it's all about the face.

Much to my surprise, I have 17 Christmas cookie jars!! Most are presents from friends and family.

Sadly, I don't bake cookies, these poor jars don't even get store bought cookies in them!

I just spread them all over the house.

A few here, a few there, I just love them all!

Have you seen this......

It's an insulated cup from Starbucks. I guess they had them all summer with green straws, but it wasn't until they added the red straw for Christmas that it caught my eye. I'm drinking water from the tap instead of a bottle these days, for some reason I've found I drink more water out of this cup than out of a bottle, I think it's the straw! Additionally, since the cup is insulated, it doesn't leave a mess on my sewing table.

What about this.....

Have you tried the "Little Gripper"? It's wonderful for holding small rulers or templates in place. I don't have large hands, but for some reason, when I cut fabric with smaller templates and rulers, my fingers and palms are everywhere they shouldn't be. This little purple handle is a wonderful tool.

Congratulations to everyone who completed Picnic, the November Schnibbles. You did a great job! If you've not looked at the Year of Schnibbles Parade go do so. And THANK YOU Sinta and Sherri for selecting Tuffets for December!! I've been wanting to make these adorable little cushions ever since I saw them, I no longer have an excuse to put it off. I think it will be fun for everyone.


  1. Hello - I've just discovered your fabulous blog! I had a Christmas cookie jar collection (never had one cookie in them, either) but when all our Christmas decorations were stolen years ago, my jars were gone, too. Sigh! You have some really cute ones in your 'collection'.

  2. I'd say that 17 definitely makes a collection! I love the gingerbread man. I saw the Starbucks cup and am waffling - I already have one with the green straw, but I absolutely love the red striped straw, so I may need another!

  3. I made cookies last night for MY reindeer cookie jar. Nothing like eating christmas cookies and watching the biggest loser.

  4. Oh my word, I have never seen so many cookie jars! Between those and your little village houses, you need a room all by itself just for storing holiday decorations. Your house must look so cute!

  5. Ashley made me laugh! I'm glad I wasn't drinking something... it would have come out my nose!

  6. AND I'm going to have to stop my Starbuck's and get one of those cups.

    AND I'll be using the Little Gripper on my next project...

  7. I love the cookie jars!! They are super cute. I'm going to have to get me one of those Starbucks cups, I thought about it in the summer, but since my coffee/tea travel cups from there didn't do well in the dishwasher I passed, but I do like the look.
    I have a big gripper, but I've not tried the little ones.

  8. I'm not in the Schnibbles bunch, but I have made the tuffets. They are addicting! Hope you enjoy making one ... or two ... or several!

  9. You have the most wonderful collections! I want to come by your house for a cup of tea and a tour!

  10. Great cookie jar collection!!! I haven't seen those grippers for templates in stores..only on a few blogs. Will have to search them out. Great idea.


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