Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree . . . . . . .

Finally, some sun, I was able to get some pictures yesterday. I could probably have a post with no pictures but I tend to babble, and I think the babble is easier to take when it's broken up with pictures. See right now, I'm babbling and you're thinking "where's the pictures, Thelma get on with it"......

So when I'm not decorating, or shopping, or baking, or doing all the normal things I need to do when it's not Christmas, like walk the dog, I'm sewing! I'm not getting a whole lot done but every little bit helps keep me centered and balanced and happy, most importantly happy!

Now before I go into what I'm working on, let's pause for a little commercial break.......I'm probably giving you all you need to know to make this quilt, you could probably look at the pattern on the designer's website and figure out how to make this quilt, but here is a little reminder.......
'nuff said.....OK, back to normal programming....

So here is what I'm working on now. As I mentioned before, I'm in the mood to work on a Christmas project. I saw this quilt on the Temecula Quilt Company's blog and fell in love!

This pattern is by Ardie Skjod, of Farmhouse Threads. I immediately ordered the pattern, I live in Illinois, the pattern was coming from California, but I was wanting to start on this pattern now. It's Christmas, who wants to make this pattern in say July?

So I took a good look at the pattern picture and thought, oh this is easy, this is a bargello pattern. Is that what you thought too? Just a few strip sets in cream and green and I'm good.

So I started cutting and sewing, confident when the pattern arrived it would tell me how many greens and how many creams to use in each row.

So the pattern arrived, and guess what.....Surprise, Ardie had a whole different way to make this quilt!! She makes this top using 9 patches!! Yes, nothing but 9 patches! That's how they are arranged.
But I had already made beaucoup ( that's French for boo coo ) of these strip sets.
I made all sorts of sizes so I could easily assemble my rows without much repetition in the fabric.
Same with the greens. (See the red squares, I'm adding a few here and there, surprised? I didn't think you would be.)

And in my mind I figured once you pieced the correct number of greens, all you needed to do was add a little half square triangle to each end, then you would have the angle you needed for the branches.
Ardie goes about making those branches a whole different way! I imagine Ardie is real nice person, and you can tell by looking at this pattern a very creative person. But there's no going back for me. I'm sticking with my bargello approach. I had to figure the number of creams and greens in each row myself, but in the end, all that matters , is that I have a Christmas Tree. Stay tuned for further updates!

Can you stand just a couple more decorations......

This is just a little knick knack box that I set out on an end table. I just love the detail of Santa's beard, plus his expression is perfect!

When you remove the lid there's a little surprise, (no not chocolate, does everything have to revolve around chocolate!) a sweet little teddy bear...why I don't know, but he's sweet just the same.

My daughter gave me this pudgy, Victorian coat and hat wearing, skate carrying snowlady. She has sparkles all over her, and when I get her out, I get sparkles all over me, we're a sparkling pair. She's one of my favorites!
Thank You Baby Girl!


  1. Uh yes, my dear, everything DOES have to revolve around chocolate! You are more brave than I am, I never would have started a quilt without a pattern, but since your method is working out for you, of course you must continue. I can't wait to see your tree!

  2. I bet your way will make more sense to you, therefore being easier in the end. At least that is what I find.
    I love the snowlady! Adorable, I get covered in sparkles just doing Little Bit's laundry. She has several sparkly shirts, which I think are the devil, cute but the devil none the less.

  3. I think your construction method will work out just fine. I've made up a few patterns where the construction method surprised me, I would not have guessed it from the picture, but it worked out well and gave me some new ideas for my own designs. I like to try new things when I quilt.

  4. I don't know why you buy patterns! You already can figure them out! I have to have a pattern! I love your snowlady and the trinket box.

  5. Love the snowman and trinket box.

    As long as you're having fun - you make your Christmas Tree any way you want. :-)

  6. Why do you even order the pattern if you're going to do it your own way anyway?

    More Cooper pics, please!

  7. Thelma, when do you eat and sleep? Someone who gets as much sewing done as you do must have to give up something! What a marvelous project that tree quilt is--whatever method you choose to put it together.

  8. I actually believe most things do revolve around chocolate...but that's just me. I love that O Christmas Tree quilt. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. I'm sure it will be great. Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  9. I love Ardie's quilts! NOELLE


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