Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My First Christmas Quilt . . .

This is my first Christmas quilt and Quilt # 8. I made this quilt for a charity auction at our local hospital. It was a tree festival where folks decorate Christmas trees, donate them, then they are sold at an auction. This is the only picture I have of it. ( just ignore that rude couple blocking your view of my lovely quilt, I have no idea who they are!)

The pattern was the same pattern I used to make my Halloween quilts, "Sticks and Stones and Nine Patches" by Marti Michelle. I don't remember the fabric but it had panels that I used for the center of the blocks in the quilt and for decorations on the tree in the picture. The quilt and the tree were a "matched set" and sold for around $1500.

Here's a better shot of the pattern, using my Halloween fabric. Thinking back on it, it didn't bother me at all to give away the first Christmas quilt I made. Probably because I was also working on my Thimbleberries Christmas quilt so I knew I had a Christmas quilt in my future, and also, this was the 4th quilt I made using that pattern, I think I may have had enough of it.

Can you stand anymore Christmas decorations? I hope so because I have more...

This is my favorite all time Christmas platter. Look real close, the Christmas tree is decorated with martini glasses! Now there's a tree that would be fun to decorate. I thought that was such an odd combination I couldn't resist it.

Here's something else you don't see very often, something with the name "Thelma" on it!! My whole life I've never run across my name on those fun little knick knack items that you see with all those other names....thimbles, little angels, mini license plates, really important items that you need your name on...no Thelma, nope. My folks got me this mug, I think they paid extra to have the name added. This after hearing me complain about my name for 40 some years. I really like it, having my name on it makes it all the better!


  1. I'm with you on the name thing. Try growing up with the name Belva. No one has ever heard of it and you never find trinkets with your name. I gues if that is our worst challenge, life isn't so bad.

  2. I too have a name not to be found to often, not Cara which can also be hard, but my legal name of Carolyn. And I turned around and gave my daughter a name she'll NEVER find.
    My grandmother's name is Thelma, though she goes by Mickey. Short of the long being that she was born a year after Mickey mouse, and her 9 (9!!) brothers started calling her that. It stuck.
    Your quilt is lovely, I don't think still I'd have the courage to put up a quilt for anything. I just don't have your innate skill on the finishing.

  3. Your quilt brought in an impressive sum! Good for you! What a cute mug!

  4. Is that beautiful couple in front of the tree you and your husband?
    When I was a kid, I was the only Nicole, but now half the seventeen year olds I meet have my name.

  5. Your quilt did make some impressive money! Great job.
    I will begin looking for things with Thelma on it...I bet it is hard to find.
    I love the platter!

  6. Good job on the quilt. What a good cause to make it for.

    I find my name on things, but never spelled correctly. It's always Allison. I imagine Thelma would be even harder to find.

  7. I really like that pattern. I'll have to find it. Really shows of the center prints. Beautiful tree & quilt. I don't ever find my name either. :-(

  8. Congratulations on raising so much money. Your quilt is gorgeous...so, is the "rude" couple standing in front ;-)) I also have trouble finding my name on things...at least finding my name spelled "correctly". My daughter's name is spelled the same as Allyson above so I also have a hard time finding things with her name on it. She is always excited when she meets an Allyson spelled like hers.


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