Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another MGF? . . . .

Look at this, it's Madeline's Good Fortune . . . .

but it's not my Madeline, it's Melly's Madeline!!

I am so excited, someone has made Madeline's Good Fortune! As I mentioned on my 250th blog post, I get the most emails about Madeline's Good Fortune, questions about the patterns (Madeline and Good Fortune Schnibbles by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company) the fabric (French General for Moda) quantity of fabric (see right hand column), the size (108 x 108), the amount of time it took to piece it . . . . You name it, I've answered it, more than once, and am happy to do so, because that's what quilters do, we share. I end each note the same, "Please drop me a note when you finish your Madeline". This week I got a note from Melly saying she had made Madeline's Good Fortune.

Melly blogged about her project here, it'a a great read, not just because she made MGF, but her thought process and how she went about making the quilt is a lesson to anyone too scared to try something, and it has a happy ending!!

I'm so excited about someone actually making that quilt that I've added a section to my blog to link to ALL the Madeline's that may get made. So if you've made one, or have seen one somewhere, be sure to drop me note and I'll add it to the list!!

It's a weird feeling and hard to explain, knowing there's another Madeline out there, but Melly is as in love with her quilt as I am with mine. I think it's the ultimate compliment and could not be happier.

Great Job Melly and Thanks So Much!!


  1. I loved reading Melly's blog about her process. She did a great job with it. And I found another blog to follow! I have a feeling there are going to be more MGF out there!

  2. So pretty!!

    May you have:
    A world of wishes at your command
    God and his angels close at hand
    Friends and family their love impart,
    And Irish blessings in you heart.

  3. Wow, that is so neat! Good for Melly to follow your lead and I can't to see if others will make a MGF (I would love to do so myself, but I'm trying to stick with my resolution to first finish some UFO's before starting a new quilt (-:).

  4. You are right about quilters sharing, I think thats part of our joy!
    I often think of MGF myself, oh if only there was no need for sleep or eating :)

  5. See Thelma, you now have that feeling that all quilt designers must have! A great sense of pride that your design has been actually made into a quilt that people will love and enjoy for years! I am telling you, you should design patterns--you are a natural.

  6. Beautiful quilt - something new that I need to consider making!

  7. I know how you feel. I walked into a quilt show and the first quilt I saw was a quilt like one I had displayed in my guild's show. The note on the quilt said it was inspired by one she saw at our show, so I knew it was mine. It made me feel good to know someone liked it enough to make their own!

  8. Gorgeous! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Thelma!


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