Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Updates . . . . .

My Eventide is all done, I'll post the picture tomorrow, for Tuesday, Eventide update day!! I'm renaming mine, "Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight". We have at least two other finishes also, not only has Judith pieced her Eventide, it's quilted and Deb's is all pieced too.

Now that my sew along project is done, I'm playing catch up and finish up with some other projects .

Initially, I wasn't using any of the blue fabric that was included with each block, but when my daughter was home, she thought this quilt would look cute hanging in her apartment, and she liked the blue, so it's back in. I'm so relieved, I was really stumped on what to do about the blue background in the tree block.

So far I have "tweaked" every block but one. The mitten block is exactly like the pattern, except I made mine a little shorter, to add a thin strip of background fabric to the top of the block. The sashing for the finishing kit is the same fabric as the mitten and I thought a little separation would be a good thing. I also changed up the fabric for the tree and the ornaments.

So now I'm only 2 months behind on the kits that have been mailed with only 2 more kits left for the whole project.

This cute quilt is still available at the Fat Quarter Shop, but I wouldn't wait much longer, I'm guessing it would be selling out pretty soon.

I finally learned how to make collages for my blog! Poor you, you'll have to put up with them all the time now.

Like this one, which I am naming "Ode to Reese's"

What's up with all the sizes of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups these days? I found 4 different sizes at one store, and that's not including my all time favorite, the Reese's Easter Egg. ( No Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were wasted in the making of this collage.)

And one last update, we have a new member of the family. . .

my daughter has spent the last several weeks searching shelters and dog adoption events for a dog, and this weekend she found her dog. He weighs around 10 pounds, is 6 months old, and my daughter was told he was a "chiweenie", that's a chihauhau dachshund mix. We don't see dogs like this where we live, but they seem to be pretty popular in California. This pup was rescued when he was just 3 months old from an over crowded shelter in Los Angeles County and has been living with its foster family, just waiting for my daughter to find him. He doesn't have a name yet, but he couldn't have a more loving home. Welcome little guy!

I can hardly wait to see him and Cooper together at Thanksgiving, I'm guessing what my daughter's dog lacks in size, he'll make up for in speed.

See ya tomorrow for the Eventide Sew Along Update!!

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  1. Love the Ode to Reese's!! A chocolate collage is always welcome!! Your daughter's new dog is the cutest!! I think you should have a naming post. I did that when we got our kitty. Bloggers come up with some of the best names!

  2. Congrats on the new puppy- or should I say grandpuppy? I can't wait to see your finished eventide!

  3. Oh Ode to Reese's is awesome...can't wait to see your Eventide...and the new puppy is precious...OMG when I first saw the pic I thought, "Oh Cooper has a sibling"...LOL! He is so cute...can't wait for Cooper to meet him. Thanksgiving will be so much fun.

  4. I'm so glad no Reeses were wasted! They taste too good to waste.

    Your grandpup is so cute. Many small dogs are full of spunk and have no idea that they are little. It'll be fun for you to get to know the new pup and know his personality.

  5. Congratulations on your new Grandpup!
    Your mystery blocks are looking good, I did skip that one but I've decided to do the next mystery challenge from FQS, that new Strawberry collection just wouldn't leave me alone.

  6. Hi Thelma,
    I didn't mean to be a drop out. I got my eventide pattern and the following day- less than two weeks ago, I had a stroke. The good news is that I am making great progress in speech and hope for a complete recovery. I'm saving Evenitide and hope at some time in the future be able so send a picture. God is good. Betty

  7. Your mystery blocks are super cute! But not as cute as your new "grand dog." What is his name?

  8. I had a little giggle when I saw your granddog - he could stand under Cooper and hide. LOL He's adorable and I know your daughter will enjoy having him around.

    Anxious to see your Eventide quilt.

    Like you, I've gotten behind on my mystery blocks but plan to get caught up soon.

  9. Congratulations! Eventide is certainly an accomplishment! Every time I see that FQS Christmas BOM, my fingers itch to go order it - it is so cute!! And welcome to the new Chiweenie (that is just such a funny name, I have to tell people - LOL!) He is so adorable and I've very glad he's got such a wonderful home. My Peke Lilly says "Hi!" (well, she probably just says "woof" but she means "Hi")

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  11. Wow, can't wait to see Eventide! Great accomplishment! And the pup is such a cutie.

  12. Cute puppy-trust me when I say that what they lack in size, they make up for in attitude! I have a chihuahua, and she rules the roost! (But, I love her to pieces!) Great blog and beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing~

  13. Love the Reese's collage...very clever photo processing skills...way to go!
    What a cute puppy...I would call him Bandit because of the "mask" around his eyes, and because he will steal your heart!

  14. What a cute face! I would love to get a dog but I'm not sure how the two cats in my house would fair. Can't wait to see your Eventide finish. I too am behind with my FQS blocks. I have 3 to catch up on and only two more to go? The end is in sight!

  15. What an adorable puppy! He'll make a great addition to the family.

  16. Well are you not the clever one with your Reese's collage ! Love it! Now I am craving chocolate ;-)

    Congratulations on finishing Eventide ! I am looking forward to seeing it , I bet it is just gorgeous ! That is just the cutest puppy.

  17. What a cute puppy, and congrats on also finishing your eventide.

  18. What a cute "member" of the family!!! Has your daughter named him. Congratulations on finishing Eventide. I just blogged about my progress:)

  19. Oh Thelma, you gotta love those ears! Makes him look like a Gremlin lol! Please let us know what she ends up naming him!

  20. Congrats on the finish. I still have a L-O-N-G way to go!

    And the new puppy is adorable. I'll be tuning in to check out the new name.

    We have 2 shelter dogs and they are great. We've trained one to shut the door. He pushes the door open with his nose when he comes from outside and he then will jump up and shut the door. Good boy!


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