Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Spools-Along Sew-Along Update . . .

So here's what my design wall looks like, I'm back to working on Spools.  (Spools was designed by Camille Rosekelley for thimble blossoms)  My plan is to keep working on this project until it's done, no more interruptions!

hmmmm, I seem to be a little heavy on the pinks and reds . . . .

Here are some more Spools projects.

This is by Sally at Chocolate Chip Addict.

I love that dark background, those spools really pop!  I also like how Sally varied the size of the "thread" strips.  She plans to add a few more spools, I can't wait to see it all done.

Sue at  Cozy Little Quilts has finished TWO Spools projects.

This one is made from Petite Odile by French General for Moda.

This one is made from Fig and Plum by Fig Tree for Moda.

I love them both!

Lisa, Stashmaster, finished her Spools, did you see it?  Nicole, Sisters Choice,  has the same issue as Sue, one is not enough!

Have you caught Spools fever yet?  Come join us!


  1. I love this pattern!
    But, a few years ago, my klosjes quilt started the klosjes wave all over the world so I pass this time,...

  2. I love spools! It look like the perfect pattern to use up scraps too. I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite, they're all so pretty!

  3. OOOH, I love these! Especially the Petite Odile one that Sue made! I have so many projects in the works---I don't need to start another but these are REALLY making me want to make a spools quilt! Maybe I'll just do a small spools project like a sewing machine cover or something..........

  4. Your colours are beautiful and will look great in this pattern. Keep going!

  5. This is such a cute pattern.

  6. Your quilt is going to be lovely and really celebrates the connection of thread. I have addiction to collecting old wooden spools (started by my first from my Grandma) and this would be a lovely addition to my sewing room to honour that addiction! XOXO

  7. Those are all really pretty! The 2 variations by Sue are really nice, but I admit that I'm partial to the one with the blue background. *wink*

  8. No not yet, but you make it look inviting

  9. The Petite Odile one is fantastic! Using the straight layout rather than the stagger is appropriate for the fabric choice.

  10. I am enjoying seeing all the variations! I agree, one is not enough!

  11. Your spools will look great! I finished mine this weekend, and loaded it up on the longarm frame today :o) First row is quilted, and it looks great :-)
    happy sewing,
    Btw I got an email from Nicole, and I think she'll post my quilt this week. So excited to see all the other ladies' quilts :-)

  12. Beautiful spools! I've been so inspired by all the fun spools that I ordered the pattern and I'm hoping to get it tomorrow. I don't think I'll get it together in time to participate, but I'm excited to have a fun new pattern to enjoy :-) Thanks!

  13. Your spools are looking so pretty. I love the Petite Odile and Fig and Plum versions. This pattern really seems to show off fabric very well.


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