Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Schedule ?

So I got this wild idea about going back and reading my Summer of Fun goals blog to see how I was doing.  I have been having a summer of fun, maybe a little too much fun, there are quite a few things on that list that haven't happened, and with less than 2 weeks left until Labor Day (my official end of summer) several things that aren't going to happen.

But here are a few things that I hope will happen.

Yo Yo Update.

I'm up to 27!  Yes, I've added 6 since my last update, which was over a month ago! (me, hanging my head in shame)  I have enjoyed making the 27 yoyos that are in that vase, and let me tell ya', they're perfect!   The center is pulled tight with hardly any hole, the edges all align, the ridges all swirl the same direction. If there was a yoyo making contest I could give any one of those to the judge and just dare her to find a fault!  That being said, I'm no where close to filling that vase by the end of summer, and there is not a yoyo judging contest in my neck of the woods, but I hope to add a few more.  And yes, I think it's looking good for Amy who guessed 128.

I've kept up with Sherri and Sinta's Schnibbles sew along with Leap Year in June and Hubble/Hubbel for July.  For August the pattern is Dimestore and I'm using these Phenomenal Fall charm packs by Sandy Gervais for Moda. The dot fabric is my background fabric.  

I'm going to finally have a fall table topper for my kitchen table!

I've got the pieces now I just need to put it all together,

summer is not over until I have Northern Lights done.

Same goes for this sewing machine cover, even if I have to stay up 48 hours straight Labor Day weekend, I'm not facing September 4th without this cover on my machine!

Dawn at First Light Designs has a great start on hers, and it makes we want to make mine all the more.

So with two weeks left, what's on you Summer of Fun To Do List, you better get hoppin'!


  1. You can do it, Thelma! You go, Girl! (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

  2. Go Thelma! Very impressed by those yo-yo flowers. You would get first prize from me! I am looking forward to seeing your fall (feels odd to say fall as I would normally say Autumn - lol) schnibbles table topper. I really like your fabric choices.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. Just the other day I was wondering how things were going with you and making those yo-yo flowers!! Thanks for the update... keep at 'em!

  4. Thelma...seriously, you need to put all these projects aside and work only on yoyos for the next 2 weeks because I guessed 752 and you have 725 still to do so I can win!! LOL I think I was way overly excited about the yoyos!

  5. Great minds think alike. I just finished my Dimestore quilt and I used Phenominal Fall charms.

  6. I have to laugh! You sound like me on Christmas Eve!! Good luck on finishing what you want to get done:-D

  7. That machine cover is just precious! Love it!!!!

  8. My visions of grandeur are going down the tubes with the yo yos LOL!


  9. Hi, Thelma! Good luck completing all your projects! Do you have a source for the sewing machine cover pattern? I'd love to make one like that.

  10. Hi Thelma! I'll answer Pat V's question, since my comment is next in line. Pat, the pattern is in the August 2012 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, which I believe is still in stores. The sewing machine cover pattern was designed by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts. Thelma, I think you have made more progress on your summer projects than I have on mine! Love those yo-yos.

  11. "Best laid plans....." As for me, I'm rearranging my sewing space, again!

  12. I love that sewing machine cover. I haven't gotten anything done that I wanted this summer; I kept getting distracted by new projects lol.

  13. I am getting ready to make this cover do you have any pointers you can give me?



  14. Hello Melissa,

    I do have some pointers for you! First off, Monique's measurements make a
    cover that is huge, I had to trim mine down, twice, the width and the
    height. The cover really doesn't need to be too much bigger than your
    sewing machine, plus the amount you need for your seam allowance. Also,
    cut those top corners so they curve, to make adding the binding go easier.

    Finally, Dawn at First Light Design also made this cover and has a nice
    blog post about her cover. Here's a link,

    I love my cover and use it every day. It just makes me happy to go into my
    sewing room and have the cover on my machine. I hope you enjoy making and
    using your cover.


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