Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Terrific Tools Tuesday . . . . .

No Terrible Tools Tuesday today, I thought I would change things up and blog about a tool that I bought, use, and LOVE!

Meet The Strip Stick by Babb Enterprises.  I picked these up from a vendor at the AQS Show in Paducah, Ky.  I know, I know, I'm doing Tools Tuesday just because of all the demonstrations I've seen at quilt shows where I always buy what's being demonstrated then don't use, or don't remember how to use.  But after all those misses, this one is a hit!

These bars are used for pressing seams.  I guess you could use them for any type of sewing but they are  perfect for quilters.  The last few years I've started pressing my seams open.  Sometimes seams need to be pressed a certain way, but if there's not a reason for a seam to be pressed a certain way, I press open.

If you press your seams open also, I'm sure you've experienced the same problem I had, pressing one seam open is a breeze, pressing one seam open in a pieced block, without pressing other seams closed is sometimes a trial.

This tools changes all that.

You lay the block that is to be pressed across the middle of the stick, which I think is some sort of wood that doesn't warp, with a flat bottom and a curved top, covered in batting.  It's the curved top that makes this tool so wonderful.

So after the block is in place you press the seam open.  And yes I use steam, that's how I know it doesn't warp!

The thing that's wonderful is that your iron is only pressing the seam running down the middle of the bar, the other seams fall to the side.  In addition to only pressing the seam you want to press, this bar keeps the strip, block or border from becoming distorted.

Here's a picture from the The Strip Stick's website that shows how easy it is to press strip sets.

See how the other strips just fall out of the way!

I've been using this strip for 4 months now and love it.  You can also use this stick for pressing seams to one side, but I don't bother, I've never had any trouble pressing seams to one side.

The sticks come in two sizes, an 18 inch stick, which I keep on my ironing board at all times, and a 45 inch stick, which is great for pressing those long seams where you've connected your rows or added your border.

The 18 inch stick is $8.99 and the 45 inch stick is $15.99.  You can order them from their website.  The website also has a tutorial, testimonials and lists shops that carry their products and upcoming shows where they'll be selling their sticks.  It's thestripstick.com

For full disclosure, I'll make a dollar off of every stick you buy from them, hahaha, just kidding, you know me better than that, Babb Enterprises has no idea who I am, I'm just one of the hundreds of customers that bought and carried these sticks all over the Paducah Quilt Show, then came home, used it, and fell in love with it.

If you've used this stick or one like it, leave a comment, good or bad.  Sometimes it takes up an hour or two of my time to do a Tools Tuesday post, and I love it that other folks either learn something new or have something to add to each post, but I love it even more when I learn something from the comments.

Last week, several folks left comments that they used and loved that Quilt in a Day ruler, and I was so glad they did.  I find it interesting the way we can do things differently, or do what works best for us, and still get great results.  

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday to go with this Tools Tuesday post!


  1. I've never seen these strip sticks before! I'm so glad you did a post. I'm going to their website to read more!

  2. Thanks for another tool review! I have never seen this before but it looks like such a great idea, will be keeping my eyes open for one!

  3. I had heard about these so was glad to read a review. Just ordered the 18" and can't wait to try it. Thanks for the heads up. Judy C

  4. Very interesting - I rarely sew seams open because it is always difficult for me. It looks like these would help!

  5. Perfect review as usual. I'm going to keep an eye out for these guys - looks like they could be very useful in making clothes. As an aside - someday companies are going to fine out about your Tuesday reports and will want you to do positive reviews of their products. All I ask is when that day comes, please keep your great honest reports. We're finding them REALLY useful.

  6. This tool sounds awesome. I've never heard of it before, but I think I'm going to get me one. Thank you! And, thank you for the time you take to do these tool reviews - they are so helpful!! o:)

  7. I've never heard or seen these pressing strips before and think you should get a $1.00 for each one sold--I'm going to look for them here. XOXO

  8. Just pressed a quilttop and yep: whike pressing one seam, the other one goes everywhere. Perhaps I'll try to make one myself for shipping to Europe is not an option.
    Let's go to the nearest DIY store for half a broomstick !*lol*

  9. Thank you for a very informative (honest) review. I sure could have used one of these just this past week as I pressed open some tumbler block strips. I just ordered both sizes!

  10. That was very interesting Thelma...I've never heard of, or seen, this tool before!

  11. What a " COOL TOOL " !! Such a simple idea , I will have to see if I can order one. Thanks for taking the time every Tuesday to share your different tools with us ! I really enjoy it :-D

  12. Yes, I have burned my little fingers trying to keep those other seams out of the way. I have never seen this before either, but if I decide to buy - I am going to tell them where I found out about it!!! Maybe you'll still get a little something-something.

  13. I saw this demonstrated once, but have never seen it at a quilt shop. I wonder if a pressing ham or sleeve roll might work also?

  14. Last Saturday, I attended a presentation at my LQS. As one of the presenter's favorite tools, she exclaimed about this! I have one on order and can't wait to use it. Thanks for the terrific report on this tool.

  15. Now THIS is a gadget I need! I too am one to pretty much always press my seems open and I run into the issue of pressing one only to find I 'closed' another. Thanks so much for the report!

  16. I have been using the Strip Stick since Anne (who is a member of my guild and bee) & her husband have been making them. It's a GREAT product that gets a lot of use at my house. I'm currently working on a 1-inch postage stamp quilt, and it makes pressing open seams so much easier! Also, she is such a sweet person, and it gives us great pleasure to wish her continued success. :)
    Mona R.

  17. Wow! Thank you for the AWESOME review(s). Thelma, please send your mailing info to thestripstick@yahoo.com so that we can send you a little "something, something." It is great to see that others believe in our product!!

    Our sticks are being sold at the AQS Grand Rapids Show at "The Quilting Squares" booth right now. We will be at AQS Des Moines Show, Oct 3-6. We sell to many quilt shops across the USA. Tell you local shop to inquire and save shipping costs for all your friends.

    Thanks again, Thelma!!! (& Mona R.)

  18. Love your Tools Tuesdays! Please consider sharing your experiences and recommendations about steam irons too. Are you still using your Rowenta?


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