Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Decorating . . .

I got a few of my early fall quilts out the first of the month.  I thought I better blog about them before I get out the late fall quilts!

Route 44 is hanging in the living room.

I love this quilt.  The polka dot fabric, the fall colors, the pattern, the quilting, it's all good, and so me.  It makes me smile to have this quilt hanging again.  

Every now and then I get a note from someone who mentions that they don't have any quilts, they've given them all away.  I think everyone needs at least one quilt in the house that they've made, that they love, and that makes them smile.  I'm lucky, I have more than one, that's even better.

James River Blues is currently on my bed, on top of a cream coverlet that makes swapping out quilts and using smaller quilts a breeze.  No more king size quilts on my To Do list!

I was browsing Red Crinoline Quilts website and ran across this kit, 
James River Blues

in RED!

Don't you love it!

(click here for link to Red James River Blues kit, check out my Lifetime Quilt List for any questions on Route 44 or Blue James River Blues)


  1. The red one is beautiful but my favorite is yours in blue.
    Hugs from France

  2. They're all gorgeous, but yes, I agree with isa13 - my favourite is yours in blue!!!

  3. Any tips on how you store your quilts. I have several that I like to swap out seasonally but they do take up space when not in use...
    Lisa B from Georgia

  4. i plan the quilts to give away so i dont get to attached to them im haveing a hard time thinking about giving away my bounce quilt my husband tells me i have to many everytime i start one he asks who its for WELL ME I SAY and get a look
    i to have a king bed and its much faster doing the coverlet although i like it to hang over the sides im off to start cutting hubble
    have a great day

  5. I just love your choice of quilts for your wall & bed . Yes I would love to know how you store your quilts . Maybe you could do a posting on that one day


  6. Let's make the red version too!!!
    Your Route 44 is the best one I've ever seen as well.

  7. Love your quilts. I have been thinking about doing a neutral quilt and changing out a coverlet. Yours looks great.

  8. I just love these fall quilts--they really do make the season:-D

  9. Fall greetings to everyone and hello from an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Richard from Amish Stories.


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