Monday, March 25, 2013

Carolina State of Mind

It's official, I've started Carolina, the beautiful lily pattern by Paula Barnes for Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline Quilts.  

On the back of the pattern Paula reveals that the peak blooming time for the Carolina Lily is July to August, I thought maybe it was more of a springtime flower, but that's OK, maybe I'll have this top done by July or August.  Right now I'll just go for anything that blooms.

There is a Carolina kit available at Red Crinoline Quilts, click here for details.  In the product description they do mention that the handles and stems are appliquéd.

So the first thing I wanted to try was the stems.  Paula recommended using the Clover bias tape maker and that's what I used.

I machine appliqued the stems and had no problems, but those side stems must be perfectly placed to meet at the correct seam when piecing the block together.  I won't know how I did for sure until I get the rest of the required block parts cut and pieced.  I used an overlay to get the seams in place.  If it works I'll blog about my process.  I'm not sure what I'll do if it doesn't, let's just think positively.

But I need 160 flying geese before I can piece blocks, so that's what I'm working on now. I'm using Monique's Fit to be Geese rulers and everything is going smoothly.

I'm using tricky background fabric again, where the front is just enough darker from the back to be noticeable when the quilt is done but not while you're piecing.  So I made my little cheat pieces of fabric and keep them right next to my sewing machine for reference.

Tomorrow is my trunk show, thanks so much for your words of encouragement, I'll let you know how it goes. I'll be staying a couple of days with my folks while I'm home so I may be off my regular blogging schedule this week.  Did you even know I had a blogging schedule?  I try to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but sometimes I have to blog on Tuesdays or Thursdays if it's the first of the month for Blogger Girls BOM or the end of the month for the Schnibbles Sew Along.  Speaking of which, are you counting the days until Sherri and Sinta get back to hosting that sew along?  I am!


  1. Great idea! Sometimes I put a pin in the right side to help me, but if you have a lot of pieces cut you run out of pins. I just finished a peony quilt earlier this year, which is similar to a Carolina lily. Love that pattern!

  2. Thanks for the info on "Carolina" and think I might try and follow and make this one. Good luck tomorrow on your "trunk show" and know that you will blow them away with your quilts....wish I were there to see also :(
    I am just happy that you blog when you do as I so enjoy reading them and gets me motivated....Thanks.
    Hope the Schnibbles start soon and so looking forward to doing them....

  3. I look forward to watching your Carolina Lilies grow. Have fun at your trunk show, wish i could be there to watch and learn.

  4. This one is going to be cute! I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
    I have a few blocks to tweak on my evening bloom top and then it's ready for quilting. Almost have that UFO out of here. And that one was a huge challenge for me!

  5. What a coincidence! I've always looked for signs when we've been thinking about moving and North Carolina has been at the top of our list. So, you can see why I was struck by your next quilt. It's quite interesting and I'm loving the colors. Can't wait to see it unfold, XOXO

  6. Gotta love a quilt called "Carolina"! When going through my mom's things I found several Carolina Lily blocks she had started. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to finish them. I know yours will turn out to be another stunner, Thelma.

    Cindy in NC

  7. Thelma, I can't wait to see "Carolina" come together as you work your magic. It is going to be another beauty. I say "Good Luck" at your trunk show tomorrow, but I really don't think you'll need I'll just say, have a wonderful time and enjoy your visit with your folks. Hugs...

  8. Oh that looks like a very interesting challenge. I will stay tuned to see this one grow for sure.
    Good luck tomorrow. Wish I could go too.

  9. Good luck on your trunk show! I'm sure you'll do great :)

  10. Are you sure you don't want to do those handles--they are pretty cute?!?
    Just kidding, good luck with the trunk show--I'm sure it will be wonderful!

  11. Thelma, enjoyed the trunk show! They were jaw dropping beautiful. Gives us something to work for. It was fun to visit with you, again. Betty


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