Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Etioles au-dessus de mon chateau rouge

The sun was out yesterday and that put a smile on my face and some spring in my step. The temperatures are still really cold, but just seeing the sun really perked me up.

I've come up with a name for 3 Barns, Etoiles Au-Dessus de Mon Chateau Rouge,
Stars above my Red Chateau.

I also added another row of sashing, the first row is done!

I know it doesn't look like I made any progress here, but I did, sometimes things have to get messier before they cleaner!

Sunshine really helps with the sorting of the fabric, although I have one piece of fabric that I thought was gray, but when I put it with the grays it looked green, but when I put it with the greens it looked brown!  I can't decide if that is a great piece of fabric that will go with anything or nothing, but I'm keeping it.

The reds are looking good!

This is a public service announcement.   I think you may need to buy some stuff.   

The other day I was putting away all my snowman decorations and getting out Easter and spring stuff.  I sure was sad to pack up my snowman wool mat, especially since that was the only wool mat I own.  As if Lisa Bongean was reading my mind she posted this spring mat on her shop website.  I bought one, I think you need one too!  It comes in two colors, but this is the one I went with.

This picture is from the Primitive Gatherings Shop, click here for more information. 

This is also offered by Primitive Gatherings, although I borrowed this picture from Linda Hrcka at the Quilted Pineapple.

I blogged about this pattern earlier, it's in Kim Diehl's latest book, Simple Charm and is called Short and Sweet.  Primitive Gatherings is offering this project as a kit.

Not only do I like Kim's patterns, but her fabric selections really add a lot to the patterns, I think the Primitive Gatherings Shop did a great job of selecting fabric for this pattern.  This pattern has cotton and wool. click here for more detail.

And finally, the Fat Quarter shop's Thelma Bundle give-away runs through March 19, click here,  if you're a regular reader of my blog you should have no problem answering the quiz questions. 


  1. Thelma, we are soooo on the same page!!! That's the wool mat that I'm going to get too!!!! I spoke to Lisa the other day because I was worried about the tongues being hard to do. She told me she gives the instructions in the pattern on how to do them and to get them to come out in a nice circle like that. :-)

  2. Your Etoiles Au-Dessus de Mon Chateau Rouge looks fabulous!!! Forgot to include that!!!

  3. beautiful name for this quilt. I like the extra sashing it really pulls it all together. Your fabric is so neat and tidy.

  4. That's a good name for what is going to be a breathtaking quilt. Wow! The first row looks great.
    Debbie R.

  5. Love your "insert complicated French name here" quilt :) It is a wonderful quilt and a wonderful name. I will take your "messy" sewing room any day over mine (looks like the fabric apocalypse).

  6. I like the name. it's quite a mouthful, but it suits the quilt well. Looks like you've made great progress! And yes, You need to do some shopping! LOL!

  7. That name is a good one. I'm glad you translated it for me. You are tempting me with shopping but I will fight the power and resist. My credit card will thank me. LOL.

  8. I love how you have made the Chateau Rouge your own & the name is a great choice. Kim Diehl creates wonderful patterns & her instructions are among the best. This is the 1st one where I would consider buying the kit, just because the colors are perfect and I would be disappointed if I hand selected individual fabrics & then have the finished top not give the same impression as the colors in the kit do. Have you seen the Winter Reds that Kansas Troubles is coming out with soon? I'm hoarding my fabric funds for a bundle of that beautiful reds/creams.

  9. I'm sure that I'll remember "Three Barns" much easier! Take care!

  10. Love the sashing! So glad you kept it :)


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