Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stars Above My Red Chateau, aka 3 Barns

It doesn't seem like I'm blogging consistently about Stars Above My Red Chateau, also known as 3 Barns.  But I do continue to make progress.  Just in case you've forgotten, here are some time lapse photos to refresh your memory and show you my progress.

The pattern is Three Barns by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  

The fabric is Rouenneries Deux and Chateau Rouge by French General for Moda.

So I started with these pretty but plain star blocks.

Added a little bling.

Then a whole lot more bling.

The sashing is going on easily and the best part, once I get those last 3 blocks done, the quilt is done!  No borders, woo hoo!  These are my favorite kind of patterns.  Those patterns that have 3 or more rows of borders are killers.  You think you're done when you get all the blocks together but you really have 3 more days of measuring and sewing to go.

Remember a few posts ago I asked if it were OK to look inside a pattern at a quilt shop?  Well I heard from a few shop owners and they all said it was fine to look inside the pattern, just ask first.  And don't stand there and take notes or take pictures with your phone! Really, people do that? And don't blame the shop when the instructions are bad, they don't get to open the pattern and read it before they buy it.   ( but do nicely let them know, so they don't buy any more patterns from that designer.)
Now we know!

Diane in Illinois - if you send me your email address I'll explain how I made the fans for Evening Bloom.


  1. This quilt is coming along nicely Thelma and again, those colors are wonderful. These blocks just get cuter as you go......almost done!

  2. Your Barns are looking good!

    I'm with you...I can't believe that people take pics of patterns w/their phone!

  3. All of Carrie Nelson's pattern have great and carefully organized directions. And there is a difference in how directions are written! Thanks for reminding quilters of proper quilt shop etiquette.

  4. I agree 100% on the border issue. I find that some patterns NEED a border but I hate adding two or three of them to be able to say I'm finished. This is what happened with my Petite Four quilt. 3 borders. Ugh.
    I love that most of Carrie's patterns have the border incorporated into the pattern itself and it's not just this frame that is useless but necessary.
    Your quilt is coming along great. It is promising to be gorgeous... no surprise there.
    Thanks for the info on the pattern viewing. I typically feel like I'm sneaking a look when I open them but now I feel more confident that if I ask, most will allow a look see.

  5. just HAD to comment on your evening bloom!!!!
    A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. Will you let me know how you made the fan part on your Evening Bloom as well? I've got the pattern and material, just haven't started mine yet, but now I'm anxious that I've seen yours finished, it's beautiful!

  7. Love it! Those patterns are the best :)

  8. Wow! You must be so anxious to get this last row added on. Such a stunning quilt!

  9. The quilt is looking so great! Can't wait to see it finished. I have the pattern, and look forward to starting mine. But there is not enough hours in a day to sew... One day I'll make it :-)

  10. The quilt is looking super! I'm with you concerning borders. The fewer there are the happier I am. Love that most of Carrie's projects have the borders 'built' in. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love how you blinged the quilt up! It is beautiful.

  12. It is coming along nicely, Thelma, and will be superbly beautiful when finished! Thanks for the info relayed from the shop owners on looking through the patterns while in the store.


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