Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Friday!

Here's an in-progress picture of my blue and white project.

Do you ever use this tape on your rulers?  I need to square these blocks to 4 3/4", so I marked the 
2 3/8" line with the tape.  This keeps me from making a cutting mistake and helps the process go faster.

I got a few requests for more vacation pictures, so here are a few more, I'll share some more next week too.

Palaise Garnier - Paris Opera House.

We toured the inside which was as breathtaking as the outside.  This is the opera house in the Phantom of the Opera story.

Notre Dame at night.

Gargoyle at Notre Dame

Stained glass window at Notre Dame - the blue is called Notre Dame blue.

A great example of why we didn't  struggle with the language.

Roof of our cab, drawings by the cab driver's 6 year old son.

Enjoy your weekend, I plan to enjoy mine!


  1. It feels like a life time ago that I was in Paris. I remember arriving at night and walking to the bridge that is across the park of the Eiffel tower and taking it in. I couldn't believe I was there. i enjoyed every minute of it.
    Funny you posted that you were there last week. My daughter and I were chatting about vacations and Paris was one of the destinations were were chatting about. She has never been and I was telling her that I'd love to go with her. We are both very into cultural visits and huge foodies so that is definitely a destination to explore. I also mentioned Japan since she has been but I have not.
    In July I took a class with Paula Barnes and we were chatting about your Carolina quilt (she did a great trunk show for us). She remembers you fondly.
    Loved seeing your Dresden plate blocks. The red is very striking. This blue one is a big contrast. I like the way my eyes dance over it. It's like an optical illusion.

  2. I have used that tape but was not sure I was using correctly. Thanks for the simple instructions - I will be using those three cheerful colors more often now! I also checked out the site of your inspiration for your blue and white quilt - lots of neat quilts and a good look at what quilts may be worth.

  3. LOVE your Paris pictures! : ) joe

  4. Thanks for more pictures :-) I love the drawings :-)

  5. My crazy iPad wouldn't let me finish typing my comment so this is part 2 LOL!! I use tape on my rulers all the time. I usually use painters tape. Did you mention what kind of tape you are using? I'm afraid to scroll up to see. This thing seems to be in a mood

  6. seriously??? I was saying my iPad seems to be in a mood today. Sigh! Sorry! Anyway, your tape looks thin, what kind is it?

  7. Love the tape idea! Your pics are all gorgeous of your trip :)

  8. Ha! I always tape my rulers. I think it is a lot quicker to line up that way.

    Oh, and I love seeing what your Paris trip was like. Someday!

  9. Cab drivers made our trip to Paris very interesting. Our last cab driver as we were headed to the airport told us that it is perfectly legal for a cab driver to have up to three alcoholic beverages while he is on duty.

  10. Tape does make life easier, doesn't it? I love Paris - could look at the sights for days (probably for months!). We went to the Eiffel Tower every day - just loved it. So much beautiful architecture. I was amazed at the carved details in most of the buildings. Beautiful!

  11. Blue and white is coming along nicely and really striking blocks. Also love the mini tour of Paris....looks like you did some great site seeing. Can't wait till next showing....;))

  12. Hi Thelma! Your blue and white quilt is exactly what I been looking for, to make a quilt for my grandson who just graduated from US Navy Basic. It is a wonderful pattern, now I just have to find out if he will have any use for a quilt, as he may not be allowed to use anything that isn't Navy issue, just in case he has to live on board ship or submarine for long stretches. All the same, I would like to have one ready for him when he arrives at the point in his career that he has his own place. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Also, I'm loving your vacation photos...especially the Opera House! I've read the book twice and seen the stage play three times. Hoping now to catch Wicked one of these days when it comes to Utah, or even "Phantom" again as it travels for it's 25th anniversary tour. Hugs...

    1. I meant to ask what kind of tape you are using on your rulers? It looks perfect for the job!

  13. Love the stained glass window, especially the blue! How cute in the cab. I would need all the English language everywhere in France. Never learned French at school.

  14. I love your blue and white quilt. The movement is so neat. I am sooooo jealous of those Paris pictures. Someday ...!


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