Thursday, August 1, 2013


My body enjoyed Paris so much it's wanting to stay on Paris time, I've yet to adjust back to my time zone, plus I've come down with a summer cold.  I was eager to get back in my sewing room but didn't feel up to finishing any of the projects I've started or should be starting.  (No Lincoln Schnibbles for me this month, guess that one will stay on my To Do list, and I LIVE in the "land of Lincoln"!)

I just felt like making some half square triangle units. So that's what I've been doing, when I've not been napping.

No big plan or pattern in mind, I'm just going with the flow.

One of the many fun things my daughter and I did while in Paris was to take a pastry and chocolate food tour.  I've taken food tours in other cities and loved them.  Seattle has the best I've tried in the states.  If you've not ever tried a food tour, the next time you're in a big city do some checking, most cities do offer them.  

Our guide was a native New Yorker who writes for food magazines and now lives in Paris.  She took us to probably 8 different shops, let us drool over all the display cases while she talked about each shop's specialties, and then she would purchase whatever we wanted to try or what she though we should try.

So we just walked shop to shop looking at amazing food.

At this point we weren't eating any food, we were just learning about it and selecting it.

Finally, after hitting 6 shops, we took our goodies to a wine shop where we sampled everything while drinking champaign.

We were in a group with 5 other Americans, an aunt and niece traveling together, and 3 college friends, all from out east, and all female.  They were a fun group and we all got along great, comparing notes on where we had been in Paris and where to go.

When we first started the tasting we were like "bring it on", after walking and selecting all the goodies we couldn't wait to eat.

But towards the end I realized something I never knew about myself, I have a limit when it comes to sweets.  Most everyone else was the same way, too full to try everything.

We finished the tasting by stopping for ice cream, and we all made room for one last treat.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Paris.


  1. Sorry about your summer cold :-( Those are no fun. Hope you feel better soon and get lots of rest." Live in the Land of Lincoln" LOL :-) Your triangles look like fun! What an amazing tour!!! Yummy!!! Maybe I have a sweet limit too? Hmmmm.....interesting. I hope I'll be lucky enough to find out someday.

  2. I wonder if the champagne had anything to do with being too full on sweets or whether it was supposed to cut the sweetness.
    Looks like a lovely tour and I do like the beginning of your HST quilt.

  3. Sounds like your tour was wonderful. I agree with you about sweet overload, though. Love your HSTs. Feel better!

  4. How very fun!! I can understand the sugar overload. I'm sure it all smelled delicious, but after a few samples I think I would have had my fill too. Can you share some of your Paris pictures. I've only been to Europe once and that was to Belgium, another chocolate heaven :-)

  5. sorry you are feeling bad sometimes when I don't feel good its nice do just a small no brainer like the half squares you don't have to think about just sew I am starting a log cabin for just that reason I finished up painted ladies, a baby quilt, got my hubble quilted and 2 table toppers with leftover blocks this week and im going to sit down and quilt them later on and I actually ran with the dog this morning!
    hope you feel better soon

  6. Did you find any fabric stores in Paris??

  7. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your time in Paris. The treats are incredible however I agree about the sweets overload. LOL

    Ironically, I've just cut out a project very similar to yours. Great minds? LOL

  8. Ah! A Lincoln Schnibbles will enter your life sometime. Perhaps in the fall? I've seen them done in fall colors and they are very cute.

    Thank you for sharing the pics and the story. I can almost taste the pastries and chocolate. Almost....

  9. Who knew?!?! A food tour?? I totally want to do this...anywhere!

  10. It sounds like it was a yummy experience for all and glad you enjoyed! Have you gotten on the scale yet??? :)))

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  12. I'll add a food tour to my list for a return visit to Paris. Feel better soon.

  13. Glad you had a great trip!! When we came back from Germany (in June), it took me about a week to get back on "my" time.


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