Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Fun

I got another quilt home from the quilter.  This project was a Schnibbles Sew Along from last April!  The pattern was Summer Day, but I changed mine up a little and named it Summer Fun.  And since my summer isn't over until I say it's over, I immediately hung this quilt up and intend to keep it up until summer is over.

This was quilted by Dawn at The Sewing Basket in Charleston, Illinois.  Here's a nice view of the back, she went with a custom design.

I love the quilting, especially the quilting around these dots, like little rays of sunshine, perfect for a quilt named Summer Fun.

I've made several quilts to hang in that spot in the guest room, but this is the first one I've gotten back from the quilter, "T" Stands for Thelma has been up quite awhile, and I thought it would be best to give that quilt a break from the sun.

Then I threw it over the banister while I decided what to do with it (I don't like to fold quilts that I hang) and decided I liked it there, so "T" Stands for Thelma is still out, just in a different location.

I'm going to town on my Canasta baskets. I thought it would be fun to make a variety of basket blocks, so far I've drawn up 23 different patterns.

Like this for example.

I think I'll make the parade, how about you?


  1. What a pretty quilt - and I do think the quilting suits it perfectly. Love your quilt over banister - the red looks wonderful in that space.

  2. Summer Fun is just adorable and she did a great quilting job on it. Love that you can change up the patterns and your Canasta is looking good. I have my blocks made and just need to put together.

  3. Summer Fun and T is for Thelma are very nice quilts and both look great in their current location!

    Wow. 23 different basket designs...can't wait to see those. Canasta looks like a fun quilt too.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Love Summer Fun! The quilting is perfect for the theme and the design!

  5. Amazing quilting on Summer Fun! Lovin' those baskeet blocks!!! Do you ever sleep? :)

  6. Oh those little baskets are coming out so cute - can't wait to see them finished - oops - yes I can, because I still need to get going on mine! Eek!

  7. Love them! Maybe you can work out a deal with Carrie to include your blocks as optional blocks. I'd totally buy the pattern :)

  8. This quilt is amazing and the quilting is gorgeous! I love the border too! Backed in white it really makes it all stand out. Love everything about it! I am loving your progress with your basket blocks. So excited to see your finished quilt!!!!

  9. Amazing quilting on your Summer Fun Quilt !

    Looking forward to seeing your basket quilt when you are done :-D

    Have a great weekend !

  10. Love baskets, and yours are gorgeous! What a great place to hang a quilt! Looks great!

  11. LOVE your blog and of course your quilts.........interested in how you hung the latest one.... Maybe I could manage something like this as well..... Janet from Canada

  12. Dawn did a fantastic job on quilting the Summer Fun - do you have something in mind when someone quilts for you or let them do their desires or what speaks to them?
    What cute little baskets - especially after making those 1 1/2" ones, they must have gone fast. I think it was great to make different baskets.

  13. Gorgeous quilt. This proves that even the smaller quilts can pack their own punch. The quilting is beautiful and of course, the quilt is just so perfect.

    I loved reading about your quilts, and can't believe you are almost done with your baskets! I'm changing up that Schnibbles, as I'm just now getting to it. I'd better hurry! Maybe only the quilt top this time.

  14. Love the quilting on Summer Fun. It is perfect for the theme of the quilt and the pattern. I'm not going to make the parade this month but I can't wait to see how your Canasta schnibble turns out. Bet it is going to be a winner!

  15. I think the Thelma quilt looks great hanging there! leave it out all year round :)
    She did a great job quilting your Summer quilt!
    love those suns!
    thanks for sharing the close ups, I always enjoy seeing them
    fun basket block


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