Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Sewing

The days are already getting shorter and my morning walks are now taken in air that's just a little bit crisp, there's no denying it, fall is on the way.  Technically fall starts Sunday, September 22.  In my mind fall usually starts the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend, but not this year, fall may not start at my house until October.  I have too much summer sewing yet to do to welcome fall into my household.

I'm still working on my Dresden Doilies.  I've machine appliquéd the large blocks to the backing, squared up the blocks, and have sewn them together.

I still have small and medium blocks to piece and add to this project.

To stitch the large blocks I used sulky invisible thread.  It was a breeze stitching these blocks because I had not combined them yet, so moving the single block through the machine was fast and easy.

The next sets of blocks will have to be attached to this big project, I'm wondering how that will go.

The Temecula Quilt Company gave us three settings for our itsy bitsy teenie weenie ridiculously cute basket blocks.  This was my favorite and I'm thrilled I have enough background fabric to make it.

What I don't have are 50 IBTWRC basket blocks, I stopped at 30.  Oh well, I loved making them, guess I'll just make  more.

Canasta is the August YOS pattern and I'm not missing this parade!  I plan to get started on this sooner as opposed to later!

I love basket blocks and think this pattern is just adorable.  I ordered the PDF version from Miss Rosie's online store.  This pattern has several options and sizes, I'm hoping to make the big 61 block version that finishes somewhere around 57" x 57".

Plus, I have this book that has nothing but what I would categorize as summer projects in it.

"hand quilted with love, patchwork projects inspired by a passion for quilting by Sarah Fielke.

I didn't jump right on this book when it was first published because I thought it was a book explaining how to hand quilt a top, and I sure don't need a book telling me how to do something I'm never going to do.  It wasn't until I started seeing projects on other blogs that I figured out it is a wonderful book of amazing patterns, 16 patterns to be exact, beautifully illustrated with huge color photos in a hardbound book.  It's one of the nicest quality quilt books I've ever bought.

Here are just a few of my favorite patterns.

This is  like my Nottingham Star civil war quilt, but with a modern spin, red, what's not to love? It's called "made in cherry".

This is "bangles"

And this is "lady marmalade".

There are projects in this book ranging from beginner to advanced.

In the introduction, the author, Sarah Fielke, talks about her love of making quilts and says, "Try new things, be adventurous, and crack your own quilting code.  Don't be hung up on whether something is right or wrong, or on whether you are a "modern quilter", a "traditional quilter", or even an "art quilter": just be a QUILTER, be creative and love what you do.  It's what I do every day - and I can tell you,  I'm a happy girl because of it,"    What wonderful advice, I'm taking it to heart, I plan to be a happy girl too!

So even though I love sewing bright and colorful projects in the summer, there's no reason I can't do the same this fall, and winter.  This could be the start of something new for me!


  1. I agree that doing the machine applique on the single Dresden blocks was easy. It is much more cumbersome when they are together. I'm appiqueing the "border" right now. At least that is near the edge, but the top is heavy! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. The Dresden Doilies are coming along very nicely...very adorable. Sounds like you have some fun projects in the works and love watching they come together. Summer is winding down tooooo quickly and still many projects left to work on. Think they might be fall ones too!

  3. What machine do you use for machine applique?

    1. I use my normal everyday sewing machine which is a Pfaff, Quilters Expression 4.2 for machine appliqué.

  4. Love your Dresden Doilies, Thelma.

    I sew 'bright and colorful projects' year around. Won't you join me? :-) Occasionally I do throw in something darker but I definitely prefer bright and colorful.

  5. Couldn't you have sewn 1/4 Dresden blocks in the corners of your blocks and joined them together that way? Then you would just need to applique down the center circle - otherwise I might be tempted to stop where you are as it already looks fabulous. I know what you mean about other projects popping up but Sarah's book looks like one I may have to track down.

  6. That's what I love about Sarah Fielke and her books - it's all about the attitude! Be happy - love what you do - it's perfect however it turns out.

    I'm also loving your Dresden Doillies - happy, happy, Happy! It looks like you've got a "full plate" and a "full basket"! :::snort::: (Sometimes I just crack myself up.) ;)

  7. Love your Dresden progress. I'm interested to know which line you're using for your schnibbles quilt. I'm so drawn to the Avalon collection on the cover, but would love to hear what others are using.

    The star quilt in the book is on my to do list and I even have a stack of Urban Cowboy cut out and ready to go for it. Love that pattern. Can't wait to see what you start with!

  8. Love your Dresden Doilies - in fact, I pulled that magazine out and bookmarked the pattern. I'm definitely going to do this one after seeing yours. The red background hooked me! And, I agree, fall starts after Labor Day o:)

  9. I also have Sarah Fielke's new book (and one of the Material Obsession books) and I love it. I've just started a Christmas Cherry

    I love your Dresdens and can't wait to see more added to the top!

  10. Your quilt looks wonderful!! I was thinking (oh no!), since the blocks are all sewn together, maybe you could just take the seam out in the center of the quilt. Then on the two halves of the quilt, you could applique most of the smaller dresden doilies and sew the quilt back together. Then you wouldn't have as many doilies (5?) to finish appliqueing when the quilt is back together:)


  11. Oops:) Looking back, you would need to sew on the top and bottom borders and maybe partially sew on the side borders? Still, it seems that it would make it easier if you only had half of the quilt to maneuver on you sewing machine :-)


    p.s. (Or sew the side borders on the two halves of the quilt... but, would have a seam in the middle of the border :o).

  12. Your Dresden doilies quilt is really coming along beautifully . Invisible machine applique is the only way to go ;-)

  13. I'm hoping to make the 61 block size of Canasta also--I just hope I can get it done in time!

  14. You've been very busy while I've been packing, driving across the country, and now unpacking in North Carolina. Can't wait to see your finished usual, XOXO

  15. I am a recent follower of your blog and I thank you so much because it is very inspiring

  16. Wow! These are looking so adorable.

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